Tuesday 3 August 2010

Fall 2010 Trends - 50's Glamour!

Ah the Fall trends have hit the catwalk and in a matter of weeks we shall all be clamouring once again for the in style looks in our high street stores. Style.com has summarised all the looks into 7 big trends.

They are:

Fifties Something - figure hugging knee length skirts paired with boned corsets and stunning 50's house wife dresses with full skirts (ah I have died and gone to heaven!!) all with a slight modern twist. (thank god for vintage inspiration!)

Fur Real - Faux fur trimmed bags and hats and many faux fur coats wandered down the runway this year, in an array of natural colours. I hope you didn't get rid of last years fur coats as their coming back. At least we will be nice and warm this winter.

Hue New - Head to tow tones of the same colour? Usually a faux pas but now a new trend. This only used to work for black, white and possible grey. But the fall catwalk saw every colour imaginable take over whole outfits. (this could be done very badly! Beware!)

Man Up - Masculine inspired suits and outerwear. Stunning tailoring and strong fabrics made a big hit this year. I'm really glad as tailoring looks so great on almost everyone. I adore a well made suit and think good tailoring is very slimming.

The Gold Economy - Think decadent, shiny and just a little OTT. This season saw heavy gold embroidery, gold lame frocks, metallic foil printing and shiny brocade. (I am worrying already that this might filter down to horrid cheap shiny leggings (again!) instead of the beautiful expensive fabrics the designers have used)

The Long View - Floor length, floor length, floor length need I say more. Actually anything on the knee or lower will be good (yay!!). Oh plus flats, no more sky high heels (their just not practical in the snow and ice!)

Under Wraps - Heavy multiple layering in a mishmash of textures, fabrics and patterns. Well we may look like homeless bums but at least we'll be warm eh?

Ok so having given you the low down on the trend I shall show case some of the nicer looks over the next few days. Sadly I think that many of the actual looks are bloody awful! The ideas and the trends are all good, but the looks produced by the designers are not all that great. Hopefully though that means they will filter down, simplify and look much nicer by the time they get to the high street (or ladies if your clever you will be on the look out for these item now, possibly vintage ones!)

Today I shall bring you some of the best 50's glamour looks. Definitely my favourite trend and something I feel I probably already follow. I adore 50's style knee length full skirts and dresses as all my regular readers well know. (actually Jon bought me a stunning 50's style dress this week for my interview, I will show you it soon! Oh and explain that interview comment!)
Francesco Scognamiglio (not so keen on the grey wool, but the style is cute!)
Louis Vitton
Paul Smith
Yohji Yamamoto

So thats some of the best 50's style outfits. Prada had lots of nice dresses and coats but they let themselves down by pairing them with awful thick Nora Batty style socks and tights! Yuck! And had some weird patterned fabrics and gave some of the dresses strange midriff cutouts! But anyway as I was saying they also had some really cute items.

Back to my 30 for 30 as soon as possible I promise!
Daisymay X

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  1. Nice blog:D

  2. Oh, I love that Fendi look! Louis Vuitton and Mulberry are also making me swoon! I'm glad these silhouettes are in - they're just so flattering!

  3. Wow! I'm usually not a big fan of Louis Vuitton, but it looks like they've really stepped it up this season. But my favorite look of all is defffinitely Yohji Yamamoto. Talk about a stunning dress!

  4. Loving this trend!

  5. thanks for writing all the trends out! I'm excited to see how it filters down :)

  6. Yep, fifties have been one of the designer's inspiration for next season.. but also sisties and seventies!
    Louis Vuitton collection has stolen my heart.. it's absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. Fall fashion is my favorite!! Love the rich colors, textures and fabrics!! I love the androgynous silhouettes...everything!

  8. We were of link minds today lady!! xoxo

  9. and I meant LIKE minds...not link. HA! need more coffee!

  10. Beyond excited about 50's style. I love buying vintage but it's nice to have a few 50's/modern pieces. YAY!

  11. I read that article last night, and I was also unimpressed by most of the designs. I really love the 50s style trend though, I'm excited to see how people will wear this look off of the runways! :D


  12. I'm definitely ready for the fur trend, and I'd like to try my hand at a single hued look.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Loving these looks! That Paul Smith dress is outstanding!!


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