Thursday 26 August 2010

30 for 30 - Day 25

Today I only have 1 outfit instead of 2 as I got home intending to take the last of my 30 for 30 outfit shots, only to find that someone (naming no names!!) had run the camera battery flat and hadn't plugged it into charge!! Hmmm!!
So I can only bring you Day 25
Made up of: 13+19+29
13. Dorothy Perkins
19. F+F Tesco
29. Newlook
Black Tights
Pieces Scarf from swap with Krystal
My hair looks so dark in this photo for some reason but it's really not that dark.
I thought the simple girly skirt worked well with the more edgy leather jacket. And of course my trust B&W shoes! lol!

I just had to show you these fun vase and bottles! You all know I love daisies! All from GreenCycleDesigns on Etsy.

I'm feeling a DIY coming on!
Please follow my Day Zero Progress on my Day Zero blog. I'm currently working on the 5000 question survey, so if you wanna get to know me a bit better, I shall be spilling all over there.

Oh and a bit of XFactor for you all. Im loving this little lady!

Daisymay X

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Love the combo of the tough jacket and the sweet skirt. I also realized just how much I love black and white together.

  2. That looks really great! The jacket and skirt look so good together. I adore b & w and I like that you have a scarf tied around you neck too.

  3. really like your leather jacket :) x

  4. Love the shoes! Also, hooray for all the great daisy ceramics from that shop!

  5. Great biker jacket.. interesting how you mixed it with the oxfords =)

  6. ooo the scarf looks fab!!! and i'mloving all your outfits, are you ready for the challenge to be done yet?? was it hard?

  7. black + white and a gorgeous scarf. love it!

  8. loving the monochrome look! pretty skirt too! :)

  9. Love this look. I haven't done the moto + dainty white look yet, but it's on my list once it gets cool enough to wear heavy opaque tights.


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