Saturday 28 August 2010

Friend Friday: Fall fashion

Ok so it's a little late to be a friend friday post but I've not had time today so I figured I would just do it after work.
So this weeks is Fall Fashion. A nice easy one.

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?
A cape, I am dying for a tartan or checkered cape for this fall. Oh and 50's dresses! I love 50's dresses so much, always have, way before the hit the catwalk this season. The style is so flattering and feminine.

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?
My 3 50's style dresses. Easy to wear with thick tights, and a cardigan or a jacket. And still really cute.

3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall?
Possibly the playsuit, again with thick tights and maybe a long sleeve top underneath. Very versatile. And my silk trench coat from Primark shall forever be a fall favourite.

4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?
Being able to wear hats and gloves!! I'm a big hat girl and have some great leather gloves which are great in the winter. I love chilly weather as you can layer on the clothing, and be more inventive and creative with summer piece to make them winter worthy. I also love walking in the rain with Jon under a big umbrella.

5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall?
I wish!

Thanks to Katy for this weeks questions and you can check out all the others Friend Friday girls here.

Daisymay X

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  1. I also love 50's dresses, so versatile that they can be a work horse for your wardrobe.

  2. I'm loving what you've done with your blog sweetie x

  3. a cape would be so fun!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours!

  5. i'm just ready for cool weather! & looking forward to wearing boots and my new mocassins :)

  6. i want a cape too! topshop has a really nice camel colored one that i have my eye on :)
    fall is my favorite season.

    <3 gina

  7. I love cardis and tights. They are some of my fave pieces to wear in the cooler weather. Though we are starting to get warmer which I love.

  8. these are great quesitons and answers !

  9. I'm loving the 50s full skirted silhouette SO much!

  10. I am totally into capes for fall I already have a cool black one now I just need more colors

  11. Where are you, Chantele? I miss you! You haven't departed to China, have you?

    It's funny that spring is about to start here on this other side of the work. Spring fashion shows have already started, I have tickets for a few thanks to my sis who works in a fashion school. Tomorrow I'm going to the first parade, it's a lingerie one, yay!

    Hope you're having a great week! Miss you!


  12. I love50's dresses, so feminine and lovely!! :) xx

  13. Oh! Your style sounds fabulous! I'm all about the thick tights down in these cold parts! I just bought a couple of maternity skirts... and now am on the lookout for good warm + comfy tights to wear with them!

    50s dresses are definitely always in style :)


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