Saturday 7 August 2010

30 for 30 - Day 16

Another day another outfit!
Day 16 is the 2nd remix on the H&M dress.
Outfit made up of 10+16+27
10. H&M
16. H&M
27. Peacocks
Primark tights
Internacionale Bangles and ring
Vintage Pearls

So onto other things:
I got given the Versatile Blogger award this week by Lucky Dame
This means I have to give you 7 facts about me and pass it onto 10 bloggers. I decided to do this a little differently to how I usually would and did it as a vlog post. Now Im not usually a fan of being in front of the camera so this is a first, and depending on how it is received it may well be a last. So here is you first glimpse of the real me. I am Welsh so I apologise for my accent although I don't think it really comes through much on the video.

So the bloggers were:
1. Tia
2. Miki
6. Liz
9. Ali

Plus I forgot to say that this is my hair after being dyed. Its not a huge difference but it is a bit darker than what it was before!
So I hope you liked my first Vlog, if you would like me to do some more, or have something in specific you would like me to vlog on, just say in the comments and I shall try my best!

Bye for another day!
Daisymay X

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  1. AWEEE! I LOVE the way you speak! Thank you for posting this video, you're cute! =)

    And thank you so, so much for including me! Yay! Hey, I'd love to meet you one day like this other girl, haha.

    Your bunny is adorable. How did he lose his eyesight? Poor little thing.

    I didn't understand fact number 6 =(. I played it several times, but can't tell what you mean.

    And, wow! A honeymoon in China sounds very exciting! I'll love to see your pics.

    This was super fun!

    Tight hug!

  2. I loved your vlog! Your bunny is adorable, and it was really interesting learning more about you (I'm a new-ish blog follower).

  3. I LOVE your accent! And that bunny is soooo adorable :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. i love your shoes and the denim dress !!

    have a nice sunday :)

  5. your vlog was so fun! I had no idea of your accent, so that was interesting to hear :)

  6. hello there, it's my first time here, and saw your bunny really made my day :)

    lovely outfit btw! i love your necklace.

  7. your accent is lovely, its not a harsh welsh one at all, its like your singing :)


  8. I love this idea - sorry I missed out on the first bit! Also, you have a lovely accent. :)

  9. Yay! That was awesome! Thanks for sharing 7 things about you via vlog. It was great to hear your voice....fantastic accent.

    And your bunny is precious!

    China is going to be amazing. Looking forward to all those wonderful pictures.

  10. I meant to comment on this yesterday, but then my computer when crazy. Thanks for tagging me! Also, GREAT accent! And finally, you've inspired me to try to do a vlog. I hope I can figure out how to do it tomorrow and post my facts. :)


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