Tuesday 24 August 2010

30 for 30 - Day 23 and 24

We're on a roll now. Here is Day's 23 and 24.
Outfit made up of: 15+20+28
15. Pop
20. Tommy Hilfiger
28. Mustang
Black Tights
Matalan Black Belt
Swap Beads from Bethan
Black+Silver Necklaces (worn as bracelets)
Bit of layering here. I wore my denim skirt high on my waist and over my pop dress.
Day 24 is a slightly more flirty outfit, again with layering!
Outfit made up of: 12+14+29
12. Fashion Union
12. Dorothy Perkins
29. Newlook
Black Tights
Black+Silver bead necklaces (as bracelets)
This time I layered my Fashion Union floral cardigan over my Dorothy Perkins lace and strip dress. I liked how the B&W lace floral pattern worked with the coloured floral top.
I don't really have anything else inspiring to say today. Just feeling a bit blah with my slightly dull everyday life and working in the pub (hopefully I'll get outta here soon!).
Anyway me and Jon went off taking photos of waterfalls yesterday and Jon has put a few up on his blog, go check them out please!

Daisymay X

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  1. Those black and white shoes are awesome!

    Hey, Chantele! Just so you know, today I'm posting your enevelope with a letter and a little something in it =).

    Have a nice day!


  2. The Day 24 outfit is so fun! I love the mix of the prints, and I'm obsessed with your shoes.

  3. CUTE photos. You look great in pigtails!

  4. I was going to say how much I loved the first outfit, and then I saw the second outfit. Great layering and pattern mixing.

  5. Love the lacey skirt! And also how neat your fringe looks! When I had a full fringe it was never neat like that, haha.
    Also, we don't have anyone from wales yet, so the more the merrier! I want to get a whole picture of the world (Or most countries) and there's a lot of the united kingdom, so of course I'd like to have you involved. =] Thanks for signing up!

  6. Everyone has such great obi belts I really want one! And the rose cardigan is so cute, I think my sister has one similar to it, I should "borrow" it :)

  7. oooops!! i bet welsh folks have great accents too! haha

  8. aw you are wearing the beads from me! i'm so glad you like them!

    you haven't emailed me about the swap, but because you mentioned you wanted in i have been including you in my head count :)


  9. Awesome blog :) Such pretty outfits :)

    L x

  10. Nice cardigan;)

  11. I love 23, the printed top and obi belt are quite striking.

    You are almost finished!!!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Love this , especially the 2nd one. The prints work really well together and the shoes are so cute :) xx


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