Sunday 27 May 2012

Sunday Catch up - 27th May

Well I haven't been blogging much the past few weeks as have been mega busy with writing work as we are launching a new magazine next month and its been all hands on deck to get the copy done in time, still have a few pieces to chase up but I am more or less on top of my work load now. 
So here is a 2 week sunday catch up as I never did one last sunday (or possibly not the sunday before either, whoops!)

Here is my...lots of weeks via instagram
 1. Sunset from the top of our house - we have scaffolding!
2. Blue Sky over Cardiff Bay - Super hot here at the mo, I got bad sunburn!
3&4. Me and Jon did a photo shot with Gemma of Vintage Gem Vintage Shop in Cardiff and it went really well. See more pictures here - they really are beautiful, we are very happy as it was our first model shoot. If your interested in photos get in touch as we are still looking for people to shoot.
 Just a few random outfits!
1. Lunch with H
2. Shopping and Birthday Dinner with Parents
3. Olympic Gig and a Birthday present from Jon
4. Relaxed outfit for working in the boiling weather
 New things:
1. Bangle and Ring c/o Clairely
2. 50's pinup print c/o Dupenny
3. Cardiff Globe c/o Globee
4. New fridge freezer c/o our landlord as ours broke 
 Lots of food:
1. Beetroot, Potatoe, Avocado and Feta Salad
2. Mega Salad
3. Salad lunch box
4. another lunch box
I am so getting myself a bento box at some point!
 Oh more food:
1. Chicken and Edamama Bean salad from Tesco
2.Stuffed Mushroom, couscous, potatoes and salad
3. Cracker breads with roasted pepper, salad and mozzarella
4. Tesco Hoisin Noodles 
 Bowling!! And my busted nail (always!) after
 Birthday food
1. Harvester Salad and wrap
2. Baskin Robbins Ice cream
3. TGIf's Ribs!
4. Biz made cake - for a BBQ not my b'day
 Oh heck more food! Mine and Jons trip to Red Hot Buffet! He refused to smile so took this silly face instead!
 Bunnies and BBQ's
And a very special baby gift I have been working on - just hope she doesn't read my blog! They will have ribbon to hang them eventually I think.

So that was lots of pictures!
Birthday present update next time and have a few outfits to catch up on I think.

Is everyone else enjoying some good weather at the mo? Wales is so warm at the moment, we are just not used to it!

Links and Love

1. I wrote an interesting hub about things you can buy for £1
2. The eurovision - well what can you say! This was our entry, Irelands entry, the winner and probably one of the most talked about
3. Went to the Cardiff Olympic Gig to see this amazing lady
4. Planning on buying a bento box for pack lunches in work but can't decide which one. Any suggestions?
5. Jon bought me some shoes (and dresses) for my birthday - which I will show you in a post this week, but I really love this new brand they were from, like a grown up, sophisticated version of Irregular Choice and far more comfy!

So there you have my last few weeks

Hope your all having fun and the sun, but don't forget the sunscreen
Daisymay X

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  1. BEAUTIFUL POST AND LOVELY BLOG! Would you like to follow each other?
    P.S. Wish you a lovely Sunday!

  2. that baby gift is lovely! xo

  3. So many lovely things. instagram pictures ate so fun. Your food pictures are always so good. I like the vintage chic outfits too. All tbe best for your writing assignments



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