Monday 7 May 2012

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Summer is here and that brings with it the need for a new summer wardrobe. Especially new sunglasses! Now I know I only had a new pair a few months ago, but like underwear and shoes and dont think a women (or man) can ever have too many pairs of sunnies. Higstreet ones are great if your on a budget but some times we all long for a sleek designer pair and finding them at discount prices might just pursuade us to part with the extra cash and upgrade to a designer pair. A good pair of sunglasses like prescription glasses can last you years - this is where designer glasses will out do the highstreet equivilent as they are built to last, with stronger arms and scratch resistent lens so the money difference makes sense in the long run (or this is at least how I like to look at it)
Designer Sunnies UK is an online sunglasses store that offers a huge (and I mean seriously huge - 30,000 items) selection of designer sunglasses, stocking over 50 of the world's top designers, all at a discount cost from the RRP's of up to 70% off and all are guarenteed 100% authenticity.
Here are just a few of the ones I am currently crushing on - you know I love vintage so these ones all have a slight vintage look to them!
Westwood (Obviously!) RRP: £173.00 Actual: £107.95
McQueen RRP: £235 Actual: £152.95
Prada RRP: £192 Actual: £121.95
Bottega Veneta RRP: £302 Actual: £189.95
Jimmy Choo RRP: £237 Actual: £149.95

Which ones are your favourite ladies?
Would you part with that much cash for a pair of designer shades?

Daisymay X

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  1. oh...I like #1.#2.#3 for the vintage chic look. A good pair of shades definitely adds style and glam!


  2. jimmy choo definitely stands out ...


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