Sunday 6 May 2012

Sunday Catch Up - 6th May

Ok so I didn't do a sunday catch up last week as I had very little to show for me week, as had been super busy with work and no time to do anything fun or take any instagram pictures, so I am making up for it now and cramming 2 weeks worth into one post.

Me and Jon went to Paris this week just for 2 days (for our 2 year wedding anniversary which is this Tuesday!), but we went on the mega bus which is an experience on its own! So I have some Paris pictures for you, but these are only instagram/phone ones and I will give you a proper Paris post when I have sorted out some of the images! Plus we took the film cameras and my Diana so super excited to see how they all turned out.

But for now here is my week (or two) via instagram:
Food I've eaten:
1. I made myself an omelette! Ok that might not sound major but I am useless at them and Jon is amazing but he was working a split and I really fancied one! This is bacon, sausage and cheese!
2. Spoons chicken, bacon and Mozerella burger
3. Graze box!
4. My coffee and Jons hot choc while we wait for our London to Paris Bus!
More food:
1. Raisin Danish from Sainsbury's! They're so damn good!
2. Soup and a roll - work lunch and my book at the time, Birthmarked
3. Jon made me a fry Brekkie! Yum
4. Oh and more coffee at work this time, this was payment from my work colleague for labelling and putting out her stock.
Jon! He doesn't feature here very often so I thought he should get his own instagram frame this time
1+2. He has just been told he needs to wear glasses as he is long sighted! So him in his 2 new frames
3. Watching a film on the bus to London
4. Awwww! Asleep on the bus to Paris - my little cutie
A Few Paris Pics:
1. Our very first set of metro cards!
2. Le Eiffel Tower!
3. View from the Eiffel Tower
 Food in France:
1. A not so great meal at the Louvre! Noodles and Honey Pork - it was ok but wait till you see the proper meals we had in then evening! 
2. My first (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) ever macaroon! Yum!! How have I never eaten them before!
 1. My re dyed hair again, Jon did it for me this time and got great coverage
2. My article made the cover of City Life - and that great dress is for Dorothy Perkins £48
3. My shoes! I wore them the entire time in Paris - so comfy! And only £10
4. My outfit for my friends play - one very tired Chantele after just arriving home from Paris, so threw on a black dress and my tartan jacket!
My Media for the week:
1. Shall We Tell The President? by Jeffery Archer. Now my mum recommended it, and so far we haven't agreed on books really, but this I seriously enjoyed and it kept me going on the way to Paris. I will be looking for more of his.
2. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - I had held off seeing this version as I loved the books and thought the original films were brilliant, so wasn't really feeling the Hollywood version as I didn't think they would do it justice - but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was (except the title sequence! What the hell were they thinking! This is not a Bond movie!)
3. Book I'm reading now (started on trip home!) The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino - Not sure how I feel about it yet, seems good but I'm not really hooked!
4. I WANT ONE! Seriously how cute is that portable keyring iPod speaker! They were on the boat over to Paris, only £8.99 adorable! I may have to look for one online!

Links and Love - Haven't had a lot of browsing time this week but here are a few links anyway!

1. I seriously want a cute sandwich cutter like these (thanks to Miki again for this find!)
2. Been listening to a lot of I Blame Coco this week - especially love this song and really liking this David Guetta song too
3. I wrote an epic hub about places to visit in Cardiff Bay
4. You can now see my fashion A-Z here, here and here and my prom dress piece for The Bay here
5. I have a new Blogger Crush and her name is Jenny!

That's all folks!

Daisymay X

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  1. So SO envious of your Paris trip!!

  2. the fact that you can take a bus to pairs alone makes me envious!
    hope you had a wonderful anniversary!
    Chic on the Cheap


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