Monday 4 February 2013

Mani of the Week - George Cloudless Sky and Teal Shatter

I was in ASDA last week picking up a few things for dinner when I spotted an offer on their home brand nail varnishes, all down to £1. I had never tried George varnish before so I thought why the heck not! They are all smallish pots but they had some nice colours. I figured at a £1 they probably wouldn't be great quality, but they would be ok for work and stuff. 

I really liked the Shatter Top Coat as they had it in a Teal colour, which I haven't seen in any other brand yet, so I bought that and a blue colour to go under it. Here is my Mani of the Week

 Blue base coat in No.9 Cloudless Sky - I was pleasantly surprised by this polish. It only took 1 coat to be completely covered, this is pretty rare of most polishes.

Shatter Top Coat in Teal - At first I wasn't too pleased as it didn't seem to shatter at all, usually they are almost instant in breaking as soon as you have painted it on, but after a few seconds it did start to shatter quite nicely. It is almost more of a bark/paint-strip effect instead of a shatter. But the colour is really beautiful. If you paint it too thin it doesn't shatter clearly but if you paint it too thick it just has 1 or 2 thick cracks instead. I think layered over the blue it looked a little like seaweed!

Now I didn't add a clear top coat, so I knew it wouldn't last ages, but sadly it didn't even last 2 days!
This is what it looked like after 2 showers and 1 load of washing up:

Now it isn't too bad really, but this started happening within only a few hours sadly, ah well what can I expect of a £1 nail varnish! lol!

Has anyone else tried a George polish before? What are your opinions? Do you like them.

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  1. I really like the colours and effect of this! Most of my polishes only last two days, even the pricier ones..I think I wash my hands too often! I guess it would be good for a party or wedding when you only need it to last one evening :)

  2. LOVE this polish! it looks so cool! and my nails always seem to chip :(

  3. I love the effect that shatter polish has! It drives me nuts when polish chips quickly.

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  4. Oh Gosh, I've never tried this nailpolish but I think it isn't so good if after two showers itis the result!!

  5. like the colors!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog!Hope to see you there again! Welcome your new follower!!

  6. Your nails look awesome! The shatter effect is way cool.

  7. I bought Chanel nail varnish once, just to try it out and it was awful! It chipped so badly! I don't think price always means quality! I think this looks pretty good!

    Em x


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