Thursday 21 February 2013

Shopping - Just a little haul

Me and Jon went for a little shop last week to get him some new work clothes. As I haven't bought any clothes since Christmas I thought I would have a bit of a look for something for myself too. I've worked a silly amount the last few weeks so I thought I deserved a little treat, and luckily TKMaxx had some great cheap summer dresses in.
 A simple maroon polka dot skater dress for £16 from a brand called Club L
 And this pretty butterfly print dress by Lili which was in the sale down to £12

I also found some cute little things in Paperchase. My main score was this great ring bound scrap book from £10 down to £4.50! Which is now half full with my postcard collection. I have about 100 cards so far I think, they had all been in a big file but were starting to get to heavy, and I liked them all sorted better so I can see them. So I spent an evening this week sorting them all by month they were sent and putting them in the book with photo corners. I also got the nice little Thank You stamp for when I have my etsy shop up and running. The cupcake stickers are for my other scrapbooking, letter writing and ATC making.
We have also finally started sorted all our photos properly. We have always been big on taking pictures, yet like most people they sit on our computer and only make an appearance on Facebook. But I spurred on to finally sort all those pictures after finding the blog Lil Blue Boo and reading all her post on sorting  photos and compiling albums. We aren't quite as organised as her, but we have taken on a few of her tips and are now putting together pages in our new photo album every month. We will also be back tracking the last few years as well but that will take some time. Once we have a few months done I will show you a few pages on here.

Anyone else done any shopping lately?
Or got any tips on sorting photos and compiling albums? Anyone got any special tricks for displaying their photos?

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  1. I love both your new dresses. Very pretty prints on each of them. I have to print up some photos myself. I used to be very good at it, and have lots of albums, but for some reason I now so rarely print them up. I'm going to check out that blog post you referenced as it seems to have motivated you in the right direction on that.


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