Tuesday 12 February 2013

Shop Local - Vicki Cockcroft Jewellery

It is Tuesday again so I'm very happy to introduce another Local Welsh Designer for my Shop Local Series. This time her name is Vicki and she runs Vicki Cockcroft Jewellery which produces beautiful delicate polymer clay and stirling silver jewellery.
On with the questions:

Whats your name and where do you come from?
I’m Vicki. Originally from Birmingham (which was pretty cool in the sixties), I have now ended up in a beautiful village in mid Wales. While I will admit to wearing the afghan and the bell and to not wearing shoes in Birmingham (city centre on one occasion) I am not sorry to have settled into comfortable jeans and jumpers, the comfortable shoes and the laid back lifestyle which are ‘current’ round here.

Black and White Oval Studs - £10.47 

How long have you been making your designs?
I started making jewellery twenty one years ago, as an antidote to the job I was doing, which was a tough one involving other people’s needs, rather than my own.

Blue Sparkly Bangle £13.09

Is there a story behind your shops name?
Oh dear, not really. It does what it says on the tin, it’s me!

Whats your favourite materials to work with?
For my jewellery, that’s easy. It’s polymer clay. I am a colour addict and the colours available in this medium appeal to me enormously. Also, I can and do, create colours of my own, some of which are the most successful colours I sell.
For pleasure, it’s got to be wool or other magical yarns. I ‘grew’ sheep for some years and spin and knit my own wool on occasions, but often also get tempted by the colours and feel of wool and cotton and mohair and……

Blue Mixed Oval Earrings - £10.47

Of your items which is your favourite?
That’s hard. I love the signature piece, the big bead bangle in mixed blues, but I also love the tiny green studs (mainly because they sell over and over and over again!) And every time someone says, ‘Oh isn’t that colour lovely?’ that becomes my favourite.

Green Studs - £7.85

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs? 
The inspiration comes from the colours. Pure and simple.

Do you have any formal training or did this start as a hobby?
I studied art to A level and then took it as a subsidiary subject on my degree course. There was a pottery element to that course and I would have changed my degree to study pottery full time, if I had had the courage, at that stage.
So, clay, and the way in which it can be worked is something that I love.
My business didn’t start as a hobby, I made the decision to start one in order to have a business ready to expand when I stopped working for someone else. Which is where I am at now. And wonderful it is. 

Sparkly Purple Bangle - £14.40

Do you have any favourite etsy shops which you buy from?
Nope. I’m shocking. I wander about all over the place and shop when I see something that really, really appeals to me.
Although I ‘favourite’ lots of things and often go back to buy, I also find that I ‘just know’ when I see something without which life would be duller and I then buy instantly, with a panache which would impress more conservative buyers.

Double Black Bead Bangle - £14.40

What's your dream for the coming year?
I tend to keep my dreams to myself. 
Except for the one which involves the Greek Island and the boat to get there and the villa with apartments for all my friends. And the sun. And the sea. Can you tell it is snowing and frozen in Wales?

Red Sparkly Studs - £9.16

What's your favourite flower? 
Can I have two? A wild one and a cultivated one? 
The wild one would be Lady’s Smock, since I remember being entranced by this as a child in Birmingham, when it could still be found on the building sites around my home. Doubt if that still holds true.
The cultivated one would be a rambling rose, rambling up a tree.

If you want to see more of Vicki's designs check out here Facebook Page

So ladies what do we think of Vicki's designs? Which is your favourite?
Are you liking my Shop Local Feature? Do you know of any other Welsh Designers I should interview?

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  1. Her designs are really lovely! Love the bangle with the purple stone.

  2. Wow hear jewellery and designs are beautiful and really well priced as well :) Great interview

    Laura x


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