Monday 25 March 2013

Filmaholics Anonymous - My March Films

Almost the end of the month again so I thought it was time for my Filmaholics Review for March. Actually didn't get to the cinema at all this month so didn't manage to see any really new movies but I did squeeze in a few other films.

Stallone Medley

I bought Jon the Stallone box set for Christmas so last week we had a Stallone Film Fest night. We watched Tango & Cash, Cobra and Assassins none of which I had seen before. 

Well as you would expect they are all pretty cheesy, like all Stallone films really. But I kinda liked Assassins and Tango & Cash. Both have pretty decent storylines, are well filmed and produced, and even well acting, at least from the supporting cast! Lol! I am a pretty big action film fan anyway so these are the kinds of films we often like to watch. 

Assassins was probably my favourite as I love a bit of Antonio Banderas and love Julieanne Moore even more! Plus it isn't really cheesy at all, just a good action film! Tango & Cash has just the right amount of cheesy 80's action moved and bouffant hair! Cobra was a little weaker for me though, too much cheesy action! (maybe I should have a cheesy action film scale?)
I'd give Assassins and Tango & Cash a 3 star but Cobra only a 2 star

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I love Bridesmaids!! I love it, I love it! Need I say more! It was pipped as the new female version of the Hangover but it was totally better. I am a huge Melissa McCarthy fan so was super happy to see her in the line up. I saw this ages ago but bought the DVD recently as I simply love it. Jon fancied a comedy film so I chose this to watch last week

As well as an awesome cast it has a brilliant script with utter comedy genius moments! Some of them are laugh out loud funny, others are cringe worthy funny and others still are just sweet funny! It is an all round brilliant film that everyone will like. Nice clean (although a little icky) humour!
Total 5 star film in my opinion!

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Thir13en Ghosts
Thirteen Ghosts was on TV recently and I had never seen it so figured I would watch it. Wow what a rubbish film, but with a pretty decent cast (Monk from monk, Miss Honey from Matilda, Shaggy from Scooby Doo and Nadia from American Pie) Considering its a horror film it isn't really particularly scary just kinda bloody for the most part. 

I don't even know what else to say about it as it really is just silly. So just a 1 star from me - and that's only coz of a decent cast, you can't blame them for a crappy script and storyline.

But if you are a fan it's super super cheap on if you want to buy it

Surf's Up
Yes it's a kids film but I had yet to see this one, which surprised me as I thought I had seen most of them, lol. Surf's Up is really cute and I watched it with my mum when I was home the weekend before last. I love a bit of kids entertainment, and we like penguins! hehe! So what could be better.

This is definitely one most kids will enjoy, but so will most adults. It is pretty, cute and sweet. It's got a nice moral boosting storyline and some good moral storylines as you will find in many children's films. But it isn't quite as good Happy Feet!

I would give it a 4 star I think but I really loved it
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So there you have it, that's what I have watched this month and what I think of them all. Have you seen any interesting films this month? Anything worth checking out?

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