Wednesday 20 March 2013

Outings - Flying visit to Bath

Two of my best friends now live in Bath, which is only an hour away from Cardiff on the train, so it is nice and easy for me to nip up for an afternoon or the night. I had one such flying visit 2 weeks ago and her are a few snaps from my trip. Heather and Pete took me to a great Cafe called Tea Monkey, I had a tiffin cake and really yummy Dragon Pearl Tea!

Look at the cool tea infusers and our yummy Tiffin cakes!
 Heather enjoying her tea
 Pete enjoying his Brownie

 And me, look how big that mug really is! We got 2 of those out of the infusers and they were around £3.50 - so not bad really.
Dress: Henry Holland
Top: Next
And my yummy tea! 
This is Tilly, their little pussy cat - if you saw my twitter while I was there you will know she brought in a poor little defenceless tiny mouse, which I then had to rescue (while Pete and Heather screamed like children) and release back into the wild. I hope it was ok, she hadn't bitten it at all, but it probably died of shock! 
Just had to snap this picture of the Abbey at night as it just looked so beautiful!

Anyone else been to Bath? Or anywhere else recently

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  1. One of my absolute best friends live in Cardiff now too)))
    The cat is super cute)


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