Sunday 24 March 2013

Sunday Catch-Up - 24th March

Havent done a Sunday Catch-Up in absolutely ages so thought I should squeeze one in this week. But for some reason over the last few months I just havent been using instagram or my iphone to take pictures, so I don't have lots of pictures like I used to but here is a Sunday catch-up for March.
The Mandatory food picture I know you all like to see
1. American Brekkie at Cafe 37
2. Cawl in the Green Room at work
3. Canadian Breakfast Pancake at Crepes and Coffee in Swansea
4. Awesome goats cheese, sweet potato and spinach pie from The Raven Pub in Bath

I went home for a few days and spent some time with my rents and this ever growing bundle of fluff, Pasha, who looks cute when he is asleep but is a right little bugger when he is awake!

I want on a hen party for one of my sisters best friends. We did a cocktail making class then heading out for a night on the top. Here are a few pictures for you

Pre Hen Party Lunch
 Me and Rachel
Briony and Rebecca

Cocktail Making Class
Me whooping Becca's arse in a cocktail making and drinking race. I had made and drank it all before she even shook hers in the cocktail shaker! hehe!
 My sister, the Bride Hannah and her sister Emma making mean Mojitos!
 Oh yes then I had to make a cocktail blindfolded through Colette's arms, and I didn't spill a drop!
All the girls and our awesome teacher (think his name was Will, but I could be wrong!)
 Me and my 'little' sister
 Nearly all the party!
Awe aren't they all beautiful! Briony, Rachel, Becca and Rachel
Me and my 'little' sis again

So there you have it, my little Sunday catch up. No links this time as my life has sadly revolved around proofreading work, been so so busy! Done anything fun this week?

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  1. Nice idea for a hen party! And you all look so happy

  2. Cafe 37 is my favourite place to go on a Sunday morning after a few too many glasses of wine. I lvoe the blueberry pancakes mmm x

  3. The hen looks like a lot of fun, I love a good girly weekend :) x


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