Monday 11 January 2010

Alphabet city - V

Still have stupid writers block and am in a slightly strange mood, I think it is knowing that I have to go back to work in the pub tomorrow and I really really don't want to. Bah! Anyway, managed to get to the cinema to see Nine today. I loved it, Jon hated it. I hadn't told him it was a musical because I knew if I did there was no way on earth I would have gotten him there! Lol!
So I figured it was about time I got my alphabet city posts finished. Sorry for the huge delay in the middle but stuff got hectic! Ok so I had 2 idea of what I wanted to do for the letter V, but couldn't decide on which one. Then I thought bugger it, I'll combine them so today ladies

V is for Vintage Vogue!

Yes, I wanted to do either Vintage Fashion or Vogue Magazine as I think both have been, and are still incredibly important in the fashion world of today. So I figured some nice Vintage Vogues would give me what I wanted, the magazine and the fashion.
All photos found on My Vintage Vogue.

Now all I need to do is find a stunning vintage prom dress like one of these! And I shall be a happy bunny! I would like to thank Miss Kellie for the tip on the shop, Posh Girl Vintage, where all these dresses were, just a pity they were out of my price range (or already sold).
If anyone else happens to know where I could buy a dress like these for a reasonable price let me know, please!

Don't forget to enter my competition here.

Good Night
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. LOVE the vintage Vogue covers and love the vintage gold dress!!

  2. Glad you liked looking through PoshGirl! :) They're all out of my price range too, which is a shame. But still, they're so much fun to look at! :D

  3. i loved this vintage vogues !
    thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
    keep posting more inspirations !

    much love from .
    glisters and blisters :D

  4. I wish, in some ways that magazines were still like this. So beautiful.


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