Saturday 2 January 2010

Xmas presents and shopping outfit

Thought I would show you some of my xmas presents because I haven't really been up to anything exciting the last few days, due to long shifts in the pub (last shift tonight, then a whole blissful week off!! Yay)
This was a yummy gift set off the other half's Dad and step mom.
My parents bought us this awesome clock for the flat as we don't have one on the wall (even after 4 years here!)
I bought this painting for Jon from an awesome little stand in a flea market in Canada. Only $10 and it is brilliantly done and really big. It is his all time favourite character and luckily I'm a massive film buff so don't mind stuff like this in the flat. Just need to get it framed now.
The newest Whimsie to my collection. Trusty from the Lady and the Tramp. I got it off my sis.
And here is a quick pic of my entire collection, which is now too big for my what knot. Will have to scour the carboots for a new one.
And my total fav item. A tiny vintage brooch of a pair of legs! How awesome is that!
Ok on to my outfit that I wore to go do some item returning/exchanging.

Jumper: Tesco (I had this 2 christmas's ago off Jon's parents and it is still my fav jumper even though it has a moth hole in the back, I love cashmere!)
Skirt: TKMaxx
Socks: Primark (new! I love the little bow!)
Shoes: George at ASDA (new for xmas)
Belt: New Look
Hairband: Random store in Canada
Bangles: left - market in benidorm. right - Vintage

Am gonna tackle my new camera this week so you might all get some nice shots of cardiff. Plus I'm gonna work out my sewing machine too! New cushion covers here I come!

I have also set up a blog shop, which you can find here. I will be selling new and vintage clothing as well as handmade items by me and my mum!

Don't forget to enter my Audrey Hepburn Competition here.

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. The Joker painting is really great! I also like your look :).

  2. Love all your presents and your outfit!! We are batman freaks too!

  3. cute socks! arghhhh the year of the wedding!


  4. I love your clock and brooch! And your bracelets are gorgeous

  5. ah that clock is so cool, happy holidays and happy new year!


  6. Cashmere is always lovely - definitely a good investment!

  7. Your little dog collection is adorable!! :) And that clock is ridiculously AMAZING! It's completely unique and so much fun! :D

  8. What an adorable outfit! Love those socks and the bangles.

    And your presents are wonderful - I'm a huge Disney girl myself!


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