Tuesday 12 January 2010

Nail Varnish review - Vogue

Just another quick nail varnish review as I'm still in a funny rut at the mo. Although work was kinda fine as it was so quiet and I got to run bar at the salsa class which I like doing, the pub was literally dead all day!

Anyway - update on the last nail varnish. It lasted about 3 days before I chipped it, which ain't bad considering I didn't put any top coat on it.

Yesterday I decided to try out Collection 2000 Hot Looks Colour 13 - Vogue.
It's a dark shimmery blue colour, although looks like a deep Teal in some lights. It is actually much more sparkly than I thought it was going to be and really glitters under direct light. It went on very smoothly and evenly, but still needed 2 coats to get a nice rich colouring. Again the 'Fast Dry' claim was true to form and it did dry completely in around 2 minutes (although I managed to scuff my thumb nail and have to paint it all over again, within those 2 mins! lol!) It is still holding well today, even after working in the pub, but has worn a little on the very edge of my tips. Amazingly it was a perfect match for the blouse I was wearing last night and I hadn't even intended it to be. I don't really match my nails to my outfit unless its a big party or something, so I just paint them whatever shade I fancy!
*Flash on*
*Flash off*
Anyway this was only £1.49 from Superdrug at some point in the past so for that price I am very pleased with it!

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Daisymay XOXO

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  1. hey cutie,
    i love this nail polish color. how do you paint so neatly. i'm right handed so i can only do my left hand properly. hahaha.

    also, i will send my package to you tmrw hopefully, if i am feeling better to leave the house. i feel quite proud of the things i found for you, and hope you like it. i will let you know when i send it for sure! i ate some bad fish this wknd :( so when i feel better i can send the parcel!

  2. That's such a gorgeous winter colour! xo

  3. I love that shade, thanks for sharing!

  4. that color looks gorgeous on you !!!
    i love midnite blue shimmer hues..

    thanks for dropping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters :D
    dont forget to check out my latest post on my vlog DIY Tutorial of my Patchwork Jeans !

  5. oooh, I have that colour lurking somewhere!

  6. thank you lovey! am feeling much much better today, its clearly all about the tea!

    i painted my nails about 2 hours ago and they are already SO chipped! i need indestructable nail varnish i swear!


  7. Oo that's gorgeous!! Love your blog background btw xx


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