Tuesday 5 January 2010

Nail Varnish review - Shameless

I thought I would do something different today, so I am bringing you a cosmetics review. I'm not really into make-up and cosmetic stuff that much, as you may well have noticed by now. But I do have a draw full of make-up (mostly bought for me by my mother) and a box full of nail varnishes (which I occasionally dig about in when I'm in the mood, today was one of those days) Most of my nail varnishes are really old so I'm not sure you can even buy them anymore but never mind!

So here is my review on Collection 2000 Hot Looks colour 24 - Shameless
I'm often sceptical of the fast dry claims as I have tried many which have not been fast dry, but luckily this one is. It was pretty much completely dry within about 2 minutes, not even tacky, which is great for someone like me who has no patients. I'm the kinda person who forgets she has painted her nails about 30 seconds after doing them and decides to make a cup of tea and so ruins the paint she has just done! Hmm!
Anyway, rambling now. The first coat didn't cover that well as it was a little pale in some areas, but the second coat gave a much better and even coat and made the colour shine alot better. The colour itself is a deep green although when you look at the colour in the bottle it looks as if the paint will have a slight 2 tone effect as it shimmers a slight blue/purple colour, but this does not show up in the paint itself, which was a little annoying. I have no idea how well this will last but I shall update you later in the week as to wether it has a decent staying power or not.
The original cost (cost of all the collection 2000 nail varnishes) is only £1.49. So even if it doesn't hold that well at least it was cheap.

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Daisymay XOXO

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  1. ooh lovely colour. I'm a fan of the hot looks polishes, I'll have to check this one out!


  2. I love the result!
    Perfect color for wintry days :)

  3. Such a pretty colour! I've got a few of those polishes that I've neglected, might be time to dig 'em out!

    (I'm another who always ruins her nails within 2 seconds!)

  4. its a great color for the winter months!! i feel so immobile after i do my nails or else i will mess them up too!



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