Thursday 21 January 2010

Ikea and Jewellery

We took a trip to IKEA yesterday so I though I would post some nice interior items today, while dreaming about how I will decorate my own home once I get one!
This amazing shade!! £85 lots of giant daisies
Massive bowed paper lamp, £49.99
Black and White Fabric covered bed stead. £299
These are the comfiest chairs in the world, although they don't look it! My aunt has one and I have spent hours in it reading in the sun room! £99 and comes in other fabric!
Funky 60's style chair, would look awesome as a colour accent in a black and white room. £79.99
Funky Mirror and a bargain at only £6.99
Huge (198cm tall) clock. I really wanna put a little mouse at the top, it just reminds me of the nursery rhyme so much! £129
You know I love B&W and Daisies, this is perfect. From £24.99
The most amazing rug! And it is really big £29.99
I love this fabric and think it would be great on a wall. £4.99 a meter!

So thats my few pics from my visit.
I have put up 3 pieces of my jewellery on my shop, so go check them out. First come first served!

Don't forget the giveaway (link in side bar) it finishes friday!

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Ohh I want that bed for my room!

  2. love the first pic! i gave u a blog award :)

  3. wow, that last fabric is perfect! they don't have it in ikea here :(

  4. Wow! I never seen the daisy lamp before. It must be a new items or else Ikea in Canada do not carry them; I'm heading right to the website to check it out! :) Thank you for sharing,

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  5. I love the idea of putting a mouse on top of the clock hehe that is so cute ^_^


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