Tuesday 19 January 2010

Tartan is my friend!

Ok I should explain I love Tartan, I think it has come from spending lots of time in scotland, as my Godmother lives there. But I actually have very few pieces as I really have to love it to buy it! Anyway I went out for dinner with my rents and my sis and decided to wear my lovely High-waisted tartan tulip skirt (I also love the tulip silhouette, so this is a double whammy). To make it even better it was a Primark bargain buy, only £5, a few months ago.
Skirt: Primark
Top: Zara (given to me by my mum as it didn't fit her!!)
Tights: Peacocks
Shoes: NewLook
Necklace: Vintage (from my nanna)
Hairband: Random store in Canada

And this is my not-so-little sis. I am still 1 inch taller than her but she is wearing higher heels!
I have finally started to get my chictopia and weardrobe in order so you can go see them now. But can I just ask for some quick help, how do I get the Weardrobe link in my sidebar to connect to my Weardrobe not the homepage, or does it already do that for you? Plus is there a Chictopia link/button?

Daisymay XOXO

p.s Find these new items on my store, here, at great prices. Grab them quick as they are all one off's. Vintage and new pieces, plus keep an eye out for some fab jewellery very soon.

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  1. Your sister is so pretty - runs in the family, I see! And that skirt is super flattering.


  2. I love your sense of style. It's really fun and feminine.

    Thank you for your wishes. :)

  3. loveedd ur tartan skirt girl !
    where are you from ?

    thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
    visit, comment , follow me at .

  4. Cute plaid skirt, I love the shape of it!

  5. I love tartan too - and I love your skirt! Thought you might like to know that the company I work for has just launched an online tartan designer, so you could design one that was uniquely yours and have it woven (its a great idea for weddings too, pass it down the generations etc). It's at www.scotweb.co.uk. Sorry if this comes across as a sales pitch, just thought you might be interested!

    Off to have a look at your shop now too :)

  6. The last pic is adorable. : )


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