Wednesday 10 February 2010

Eyeko review!

Ok first I just wanna say a quick thanks to Lauren over at Lauren Loves for featuring me on her blog. See her mini interview with me here!
Now on to todays post. As promised a review of some of the Eyeko products. Im not going to do them all in one go as that would probably lead to a totally make-up overload, and I need to ease myself in gently, as I'm not a big make-up girl, lol. So last night I tried out quite a few of the items. The Pop Star Eyes and the Super Star Eyes Line and Shines. The Magic Mascara and the Raspberry Fat Balm. (Click the product for a link to the Eyeko Store).
But for today I am just going to do a quick review on the Super Star Eyes Line and Shine Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Pencil.
The Super Star Eyes is on my top lids. I used the Plum to cover my whole lid then the Electric Purple on my lid edge. These are kinda funny to use as it feels a bit like you are colouring in, with crayons! They are a little waxy and don't tend to smudge or blend that well. But they are so bright and pigmented that they really make your eyes pop. I don't use anything as a base but found that they creased really fast. I shall have to try them with some kind of base next time in the hope they won't crease that way. Overall I love the colours but will have to practice with the application to get used to the colouring in technique needed. I do love it as a liner though, I think the Pop Star worked awesome as a liner under my eye so will be using them mostly as liners I think.

So if you wanna try out some of the Eyeko products just click here. And remember to put my ambassador code (E7812) in at the check out for free delivery and a free gift! I got the awesome limited edition silver glitter eyeliner with my order.

Dont forget to enter this weeks giveaway, just click here.

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. oh I hate when things crease, I'd like to know how they fare with a base!

  2. I love the colour :) I'm a sucker for purples lol


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