Friday 5 February 2010

Rammestein! Rock On!

Sorry I have been away a few days again but the night before last was the legendary Rammestein concert, which was amazing!! So I decided not to rock it up too with my outfit as I have very little in my wardrobe that would have done 'Rock' justice. I ended up buying the houndstooth skirt and wearing it as a top (only £2) with my highwaist black trousers and my pointy stiletto red boots. I wanted to wear my black leather jacket but had left it at my parents house on a previous visit. So had to settle for my grey tweed jacket.
Now the slight panic over my outfit not being 'rock' enough was due to the fact that my friend Jess (who we went with) is a total Vamp, and really goes all out. As you can see below! Lol! But I was happy with my outfit as I didn't freeze, even though it was really cold out! Plus I could never carry off an outfit like that!
They decided I was the sexy secretary with the 'look over the glasses'
The whole gang (James, Jess, Me and Jon)
As you can see the show was full of special effects and mad outfits.
Its a weird thing that so many british people love Rammestein even though they mainly sing in German. It was immense listening to everyone sing along and fill the gaps of the lyrics (when the singer encouraged the audience to join in) in German, including my other half! (I'm not so good at the lyrics, I just like the music!)

Now the sign below has nothing to do with the show it was just on the motorway on our way back to hotel and it made us all laugh. So jon tried to get a quick photo (sorry its so blurry!) but you can still see what it says. It totally explains the british motorway maintenance teams and our constant traffic/road closure issues!
Here is a quick vid (not great sorry) but it shows how awesome the pyrotechnics were.
That was 'Du Hast' incase anyone wants to know.

Ok thats all about the gig. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, here. It seems to have been majorly popular! It finishes tonight guys!

I have also realised that my next post will be my 100th! Wow. I'm chuffed I have made it this far and want to thank you all for sticking with me, and say hi to all the new people who have started following this week. So if there are any questions you want to ask me, go for it, and I shall aim to answer them tomorrow night, or at least sometime this week. Plus there will be another giveaway once this one ends so keep checking back.

Sorry for such a long post! Night

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. those seems like a fun thing you did !
    you look like you're having a rockin time !

  2. cute outfit, looks like a fab time x


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