Wednesday 24 February 2010

Shoes and Bags

Mid week already, how fast that has gone. So I said last week that the wonderful Rowena of Red Ruby Rose sent me my very own clutch as a Thank You for hosting her giveaway. Here is the beautiful beautiful clutch she sent me. Aptly named 'Neon, Neon'. I think it looks like a picture taken in a subway whilst a train is passing don't you? I love it, just need to find a good reason to use it now!
It even has stunning gold shot silk lining!! Its so yummy!
On to my little buy for this month (remember I'm on a shopping ban!). I needed some lovely bright shoes to go with that black vintage dress I bought for my ball next month. After looking for ages and only finding black, grey and nude shoes (yes I know that nude is this seasons big colour, but I'm really not that keen! Sorry) I eventually wandered into Dorothy Perkins new shoe zone in the Cardiff Store. I was instantly drawn to these amazingly bright and cute blue shoes!
They are a soft suede material and such a rich yummy colour. They were perfect and only £22 (I managed to get a 20% discount on top of that too so only £17.60! Woop!)
And of course a new matching bag was called for. Off to Primark! £3 in the sale, BARGAIN!

Don't forget my new giveaway here.

Daisymay X

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  1. Gosh, what is it about blue this year that is so attractive? Every day I wake up, and I want blue blue blue! Great finds.

  2. Her bags are just divine! Mine is on display in my room haha x


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