Tuesday 2 February 2010

Sneaky Peek

No outfit post even though I said I would do one, I'm very sorry. But I have got some pics of my amazing clothes parcel off Patty Ann. We did a swap a few weeks ago and my parcel arrived this morning. I as so so please with everything she sent me. So I would like to say a big big THANK YOU to Patty Ann.
Missimo Supply Co stripped dress
Converse denim look dress
Rodart for Target T-shirt (amazingly the only piece from the collection that I would have bought myself, I love the lace pattern!)
Angel Wing Ring
Pearl Flower Ring
Cameo Earrings
I really adore the Angel Wing Ring and have been wearing it all day. It's kinda funny coz I have been looking for one all week after seeing one on another blog, but just haven't found one I liked and could afford, so was so pleased when I saw one nestled inside my parcel. And I got lots of comments on it in work tonight.
Expect to see these items cropping up in my outfits over the next few weeks.
I have just finished a swap with Valencia Lia too so am looking forward to my second parcel arriving. If anyone else fancies some kinda swap, just drop me a line because I have had so much fun doing these two.

Don't forget my giveaway girls, link in side bar at the top. This seems to be your favourite giveaway yet as there are loads of entries!

Good Night!
Daisymay XOXO

p.s. Having total clothing crisis over what to wear to see Rammestein on Wednesday! I have nothing Rock-worthy! Help!

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  1. How fun! I am going to have to find someone to do a clothing swap with me!!

  2. Great stuff! I'm jealous ;).

  3. What beautiful items! I especially love the pin with the pearl!

  4. LOVE the striped dress and your gorgeous accessories!

    P.s. Would be great to catch up in the UK :) I will be there from August :)

  5. LOVE the Rodarte for Target tee :D

    You work in O'Neils? Crazee. I've been in that one quite a few times. I used to work in Habitat..

  6. I wish I had something from Rodarte for Target! I really like the line...


  7. Since the big pearl is a ring, that makes it even better!

  8. clothes swaps are so fun! i love the surprise of it

    and i put a picture of my new coat up, especially requested by you :)


  9. It is weird isn't it? I've just got a weekend job at HMV at the mo...sucks! I definitely need some proper employment, especially having to pay Windsor prices >.<

  10. What a great swap! It looks like you received some incredible things! Can't wait to see you style them up!

  11. love your blog ! and your cameos !

  12. Great clothes! so much fun!!!

  13. oooh new swag! love the rodarte tee. i managed to swipe the dress version.

    i go to lots of concerts (not rock kind, tho) and i always seem to favor shiny leggings, combat boots, and a tee. i think this sort of outfit would work for rock too :)

  14. you really scored some amazing pieces with this clothing trade. i love the idea of it and i'm dying to try it one day. it's economic and fun! haha :)

  15. Wow you got some really good stuff! Sounds like a lot of fun. I really love the ring too. I can't wait to see pictures of your concert outfit!


  16. Wow great clothes! Can't wait to see how you style them! Hmm I've never been to a rock concert, but wear whatever's comfortable (and easy to wash!)!

  17. Aw, how nice!! All these blogger clothes swaps and surprise packages that people do sound like so much fun!
    And I think I'm actually wearing a Converse dress just like that one right now, except mine is plaid! :D



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