Sunday 28 February 2010

Vintage Fair finds

Yesterday was Cardiff's Blind Lemon Vintage Fair which is always good. But as I am lacking in money and on a kinda shopping ban I wasn't able to buy all the yummy items I liked (of which there were loads! lol!) But my mother kindly bought me this adorably cute playsuit! At £15 it was quite a good find. And it fits so well. I will probably change the belt though!
I bought myself some funky bangle and 2 necklaces. Plus some beads and crafty bits for making some new stuff.
I did spend a little money though, as I had saved some from my tips this weekend (thanks to the rugby!) I got this cute little outfit! Both items from Select.
I also won these patterns a few weeks ago and they arrived Saturday. I can't wait to finally have some time to get to grips with my sewing machine so I can try them out.
Anyone else in the UK been to a Blind Lemon Event? They are really good, they do the big clothes swaps as well.

Don't forget this weeks giveaway ends tonight!
Right I am off to make some food! Starving, been in work all day! Interview for new job tomorrow morning, fingers crossed eh?

Daisymay X

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  1. I love the sailor shorts with the suspenders!

  2. Wow, great finds! I so meant to go to the Bristol one this time, but didn't get organised enough. Next time for sure after seeing your haul.

    Oh, and yes I was sent the phone x

  3. I loved loved seeing all your vintage finds. Wow,you got so many new accessories for yourself heeee

    Those vintage patterns you won are stunning too. Ohhhh lucky you that you got to keep the phone. I have to send mine back:(


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