Friday 26 February 2010

Purely Fashion! Just Cavalli Fall 2010

I feel like recently I have drifted away from proper fashion blog posts, and I'm kinda sorry about that. So here is my little over view of my favourite pieces from Just Cavalli's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection. I will say I loved quite a lot of the collection and it all seemed to flow so well together. His pieces seemed to progress through logical thought, even with the mens wear pieces in-between the womens. (all photos via
I would die for one of these 2 jackets they are both stunning. The blue especially is such a beautiful colour (like my new shoes). The silhouette is so simple, fitted with slightly pointed shoulders (this style ain't going away yet it seems!), a kick flair at the hips and those 2 simple belt fasteners finish it off beautifully. Plus loving the complimenting fur collars! Yummy!
The tailoring on this jacket is amazing and so intricately done! Think how long that must have taken to make all the folds and pleats. But it is stunning, although the model looks as if she can't move in it. The styling of the whole outfit is so understated and elegant (considering its a leather item which doesn't lend itself easily to elegant looks).
This aviator bomber jacket is so cwtchy looking. The huge pale fur collar is such a statement piece, just wish the sleeves weren't furry too, the different coloured furs don't quite work for me, and I think it would have been better with leather sleeves. But it is still beautifully designed.
Usually I wouldn't be attracted to a look with such loud tights (although I love coloured, I don't like animal print too much) But this outfit is chic perfection, for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. The simple pleated black school skirt is a basic ever young woman should have. The vintage looking ruffle cream blouse is simply beautiful. So why not pair a simple and otherwise plain outfit with bright loud tight. It works so well!
Plaid shirts and leather and staying for a little longer it seems. (Is it just me or does this model have strange legs? They are far too thin and her left leg is bending! Not a good look!)
Love the cute flirtyness of this little outfit. Girly vintage print blazer with off white mini dress is a stunning look! Lose the fur and slightly tacky gold necklace though!
If this dress ended at the cream fabric I thick it would be perfect. Love the lace bib panel, so vintage! But I just don't get that little red leopard print trim, it's so contrasting, but not in a good way! The leggings would look awesome with one of the plain black school mini's though!
Hate the fabric, hate the colour, lose the leggings aswell. But I kinda like the shape of the dress, I love tulips and layered/tiered skirts and think the lace panel evens up the heavy look of the skirt!
Lastly as I said yesterday I'm not a fan of this nude look that is literally everywhere at the moment! And I don't get the weird bumps at the hips of this dress! It looks badly fitted. But that said I love the torso part of this look. The heavily sculpted breast area is contrasted and compliment with the soft flowing black chiffon sleeves and collar and I think this looks beautiful. I could see this transferring to the high street easily. Fitted corset/basque tops with thin blouse collars and sleeves attached, in contrasting colours would be so cute!!

So that was my quick reviews of what I liked and disliked about the show. What do you think about this collection? I think the way-out leggings and tights will definitely make an aperance on the high street soon although mostly teamed with simpler dresses and skirts.

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Daisymay X

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  1. love the victorian-ish white shirt.. an awesome collection in general..

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  2. Oh I love the first two coats too!


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