Saturday 27 February 2010

Feathered delight!

At the moment I am in love with alot of the Feather, Leaf and Winged Jewellery I am notice some bloggers wearing. I was sent a Winged ring by Patty Anne and have since bought a vintage mother of pearl feather necklace and a vintage gold Leaf shape brooch off etsy (look out for them in future outfit posts). But I am actually seeing very little of this trend in the highstreet so I went on the hunt for some 'Budget' and 'Breaking the Bank' feather/leaf/wing shaped jewellery to inspire you all.

The Budget Beautiful Collection

The Breaking the Bank Collection

Don't forget this weeks giveaway

Daisymay X

p.s. I am thinking of doing regular 'Budget' and 'Breaking the Bank' features. Probably once a week or so. What do you think?

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I'd LOVE to see more posts like this.

  2. Pretty! :D I've seen loads of feather jewelry in shops lately, and I think it's such a fun trend!

    I'd really like to see more posts like this, it's a great idea! :)

  3. ohhhh I adore the Elizabeth and James ring! Of course I am most attracted to one of the most expensive ones! haha!


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