Friday 17 May 2013

Beauty Review - Millennium Nails Heart Nail Art

My mum bought me this huge nail art kit for Christmas from Millennium Nails, which she managed to pick up via a Groupon Offer. The original kit was worth over £100 but she managed to get it at a great cheap price luckily. A few of the things aren't items I would use but there was lots in there that I thought could be fun to play with. So when I needed some cute nails for the blogger event a few weeks ago I though I would try the holographic hearts that came in the kit. 

I painted my nails a sky blue colour from George at ASDA then added the Millennium Nails Top Coat to use as an adhesive for the little hearts. After applying them with a tweezers I pressed them down firmly and put a quick coat of the top coat over the top again, just to hold them on. So when I left the house they looked like this...

 But within an hour the top of the hearts had started coming off, the fabric of the hearts was actually separating and peeling apart, leaving the bottom fabric still attached to my nails, and in some cases the fluffy little bit of padding which made the hearts 3D, which then caught on lots of stuff - not impressive! Considering I had used  their own top coat to hold it on I was really unhappy with the quality of the hearts, and how the actual holographic heart itself had separated from the base fabric it was made from. By the end of the evening out of the 10 hearts I was wearing 5 had peeled off. 
 They are absolutely useless! I would never advise someone to buy them, which is lucky as I can't actually find them on their website anyway. 
So there you have my opinion of the Millennium Nails Heart nail toppers. Considering this was meant to be product review month I am not doing too well, as this is only my second review! Ah well, I shall keep plugging away at them when I find some more time!

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  1. Too bad these ones didn't work out too well, as they did look cute in the pic.


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