Monday 6 May 2013

Accessories - Sunglasses for Men

I usually just focus on womens fashion on here but for my piece in The Bay Magazine this month I have been looking at mens fashion for a change, so I thought I would do a menswear post today for a change and look at men's sunglasses.

Jon has huge trouble finding glasses that suit him that he actually likes, which is really awkward as he has sensitive eyes when it comes to bright sunlight. So I have been looking at the different styles that men wear to try and work out what will suit him the best. 

Here are a few celebrities and the styles they have chosen to wear.

Ryan Gosling wearing Persol 3028 Sunglasses £203

Simone Cowell wearing Ray-Ban 3025 £153

So which is your fav style for men? I think I like the Ray Ban Aviator style but I know they don't suit Jon at all sadly, maybe the Persol ones Ryan Gosling is wearing may be a better style. Ah well, will just have to take hime to try some on ready for this summer.

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  1. Oh RDJ, how can he wear those and still look so attractive?!

    Em x

  2. sunglasses are the best accessory for men.


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