Thursday 2 May 2013

Event - Next Homeware Event

Totally forgot to post about this event from 2 weeks ago, bad blogger! But I was lucky enough to be asked to attend the Next Home-ware Blogger Event in their Next Home store in Cardiff. I had visited the home-ware department in the city centre store a few times before, but never their full size home store and I was pleasantly surprised by home much housey stuff they actually did. I was also really surprised that it isn't that expensive.

First we got a tour of the new season collections and found out all the top trends for 2013. Here are some pictures of my fav bits.

Really like this heart cushion! The pattern is made up of little knots!

How cute is this owl lamp!
Loving the muted colour palette, so pretty!
Although this is more our current style, deep rich purple and black!

Eeek! Awesome hare ornament! 

I took a quick nose in the clothing department too after the tour. Really love this whole look!

Then Next took all the lovely ladies to St David's hotel for a bit of afternoon tea, some manicures and getting to view their brand new TV commercial - if you haven't seen it yet check it out here, some seriously clever filming!
The view from the suit we had booked for the event
A few of the girls getting their mani's!
After the event myself, Gemma and Charli went for a cup of coffee in Terra Nova too!
These were the finished nails, you can't really see but this was a deep navy colour with lots of subtle glitter in it. It was really nice and shiny! I'm pretty sure it was Jessica Midnight Moonlight. Only issue was that the job on them wasn't that great sadly. It didn't reach the edges and the top coat was only in the centre, meaning there was ridges down either side, not great! But the rest of the day was really great!

So two questions: What do you think of next homeware?
Have you ever used Jessica nail polish before?

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  1. Love all the homeware goodies- so many design/decor ideas! :)

    Great manicure, too!



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