Saturday 25 May 2013


Tis my birthday today!!! 
I have been a very lucky girl already, my family took me out for an indian meal when I was at home on Tuesday and gave me my presents. So excited! Me and Jon are off to London on Monday for a night and to see STOMP the show. Yay! Lucky me!! 

Jon is taking me to get a new pair of Ruby Shoo's tomorrow as my birthday gift, as I love the new summer collection!! AGMeek is the only place around that sells them, so I get to go try them on and decide which pair I want.

I am having a few peeps over tonight for a little party, so will possibly have some pics from that after the weekend, but for now here are a few pictures of my last few birthdays! You can see how much I have changed (not a huge amount really!

 My 18th Birthday!
My 19th Birthday!
 My 20th Birthday
My (and Rachel's) 21st Birthday 
 My 22nd Birthday
 My 23rd Birthday
24th Birthday
My 25th Birthday

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day xx

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a blast!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I wish you all the best!))

  4. Happy Birthday! You're so young! Enjoy.

  5. I hope you had a great birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday. May 24 being an awesome year.


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