Friday 24 May 2013

Outfit Post - A Cowgirl Twist!

It was our works staff do last week and we went to a great place called the Hang Fire Grill which takes place in The Canadian pub in Splott every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So to honour the event we decided to dress up with a Western Theme. So here is my take on a modern cowgirl outfit.
 Dress: Converse
Shirt: Spy Denim Menswear
Tights: Random from TKMaxx
Shoes: Ruby Shoo via Ebay
Necklace and Ring: via Etsy
 I didn't have a cowboy hat so I figured bunches would have to do.
 I thought the heart print tights would add a bit of extra fun to the outfit and I don't have cowboy boots but I had just bought these Ruby Shoo denim shoes on eBay and they needed some breaking in, so I thought they would be perfect for this outfit. I managed to get them at a bargain price, they usually sell for £40-£45 new and I got these for £11 on eBay and they are practically new, barely worn on the sole at all.
 And to finish the outfit off some fitting jewellery for the outfit, my stag skull ring and bulls head necklace! Love them lots!
So what do you think, did I manage to look Western enough?
Have you done any fun fancy dress recently?

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  1. I like this modern cowgirl look:)

  2. Perfect! You could lasso a steer in this! :)

    The pieces you used to create the look are adorable. I especially like the tights and shoes.


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