Thursday 4 November 2010

Links A La Mode

Well Ladies, another week another Links A La Mode list from IFB. And I made it again! This time I am a little shocked as I have been a bit rubbish on the post front for the last 2 weeks thanks to being unwell. But I am really chuffed to have been chosen as there are some really great posts again amongst this weeks picks. Please check them out, especially Grit and Glamour as her post is really interesting. I promise to try and get back on track with regular posts soon.

The Power of Words

Edited by: The Sunday Best

One story dominated my thoughts this week, and I was glad to see an IFB member tackle it in a post. I'm talking about the Marie Claire article. I'm not going to link to it, or even say what it was about, since I assume you dialed in people are familiar with it. [Pulls out soapbox.] The problem with the article, and its apparently apologetic writer, isn't the ignorance it exhibited, or the hate it might engender, or even, I would argue, the sentiment expressed, although it was certainly the worst example of each. The problem was she used the most demeaning language she could think of to describe a group about which she apparently cares. She used this language and neither her nor her editors nor anyone at Marie Claire saw fit to deny it. And Marie Claire's ridiculous mea culpa, where they celebrated the "discussion" they had fostered, was like saying the Titanic sinking was good for discussions about marine safety. Worst of all was the author's own apology: "I never wanted anyone to feel bullied or ashamed after reading this". So you used the most demeaning language you could think of--edgy!--and called people gross--keeping it real!--and were shocked, SHOCKED, to find them taking offense. I would call her a liar but out of deference to liars, she might just be an idiot. Think before you write - words are powerful.

Links à la Mode : November 4th

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  • Daisymay X

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