Tuesday 16 November 2010

Playing dress up with one of The BonBon Rose Girls

As I promised, while I am away this month I am bringing you guest posts from some of my favourite bloggers. I thought it would be fun if all the ladies used the same idea for the post, so as the title says this series is called 'Playing Dress Up'. So whats the idea, well they each get to style an outfit that they think will suit me but incorporating their own styles. Then when I return from China I will aim to re-construct the outfits from items I already own (which will be interesting and fun).

So say hello to my first guest blogger the amazing Kristin on BonBon Rose Girls
Hey ya'll, it's Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls. I am so thrilled to be playing stylist today for dear Miss Chantele! The look I put together was inspired by the lace waist of her beautiful wedding gown. Seeing as she's currently honeymooning with her hubby, I couldn't imagine any better source of inspiration from which to draw from. I think her gorgeous fair skin and raven colored hair would be so vamp paired with blood red nails and heels! Add in a little leopard print for some extra sass and I do believe our girl would make her fella's jaw drop on date night! Don't you?

What do you think of Kristin's outfit for me? I love the lace top and the red killer heels, I would love a pair like that! (wait...I have a pair like that, yay!) I think the tiny touch of leopard is perfect too, just enough!

Please go visit the BonBon Rose Girls on their amazing blog!

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Daisymay X

China Update: Today we travel to the city of Suzhou, where we will see exquisite landscaped gardens, canals and traditional silk embroidery houses.

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  1. Nice. You should definitely wear a pair of red killer heels if you own them! I still haven't dared get myself a pair of these. They look risky, hehe, but super sexy, of course.

    Hope you're having lots of fun!!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

  2. cute- love the lace top!


  3. Thanks for having me. I totally want to wear that outfit! HA!

  4. Oo i love that outfit roundup! cute kristin!


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