Saturday 6 November 2010

Meet our new baby bunnies

No fashion post today sorry, I have something far cuter!
Me and Jon have decided it was time for us to get a new rabbit or rabbits! We aren't over losing our little baby but we are missing having a pet in the house. So Thursday night we went to see a local breeder to see the little baby bunnies she had for sale. They were only 7 weeks old and so so cute. We found 2 that we totally feel in love with so we bought them both and we will be able to pick them up in 5 weeks time when we return from China. Here is a little video of them both.
The Blue (grey) is a female and the Sooty Fawn (brown and white) is a male. They are both miniture lop eareds. The male one totally choose me, rather than I choose him. He practically clambered out of the cage onto me whereas the others in the same cage weren't interested. He just kept licking my finger, he is so cute. He is mine and the female is Jons as he chose her. Now the thing is we don't know what to name them yet. So I am opening this up to suggestions? We want something cute and sweet and nothing too silly. Jon really like Delilah for the girl but we aren't set on it yet. And for the boy I have a million names I like, mostly Roo, Rodney and Butternut but I am also liking Pickle and my mum came up with Gershwin. But I really have no idea, so what would you guys name him? or her?
Thanks for the help.
Daisymay X

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  1. I love the name "Roo", how cute!!! I have had rabbits before but it has never ended well, I'm scared to own anymore! A lot of people have them around here though!

  2. They are adorable! I've had alot of cats but never a rabbit~maybe someday! Love the names Delilah and Gershwin!

  3. Those little bunnies are so sweet and precious. I have two doggies. I agree that Delilah and Gershwin are great names.


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