Monday 15 November 2010

I want - A sliced Agate Necklace

I am now in China ladies!! So this month will be scheduled posts (you didn't think I would leave you a whole month without posts!!) but if I manage to get internet access and time I shall update you all on my trip.

So onto my want this week.
Whether they are purple, pink, green or blue I am loving sliced agate jewellery at the moment. I am kinda hoping that I will manage to find some of these in the chinese markets! They are natural and so pretty! For necklaces I like them with simple chains or chords, just like these:

All from Laurie B Designs on Etsy. Around £8.50 each

I really want an agate or crystal ring too!

Which is your favourite colour?

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Daisymay X

China Update: We are now settled in Shanghai. Today we will be touring the city and visiting Yu Gardens, Yuan Bazaar, Xintiandi and the Silk Museum.

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I love the green one :) I hope you are having a blast!!!

  2. I love the purple one) Sliced stones are really beautiful, my cousin has chimes made of sliced agate - it amazing!)

  3. Those are gorgeous! I've always loved necklaces like that. The purple one is my favorite since that's my favorite color! :)

  4. These are lovely! Think the green is my favourite though, and have a great time in China! A little jealous..:) x

  5. Those are beautiful! I have some sliced agate coasters, and I tend to keep them out even when they're not being used. I really like the blue necklace.

  6. The green one is my favorite. Hope you're having a blast in China!

  7. I have an agate necklace that I love and wear all the time! LOVE the fuschia one here!

  8. Too funny, I just posted about these the other day. I love them!!

  9. Agate is gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying being in China!


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