Friday 9 July 2010

Forever 21 News - UK Store

Great news for all my UK readers out there. American store Forever 21 is finally crossing the seas and venturing into the UK market. It was announced this week that they shall be opening their first store in the Bullring in Birmingham, hopefully in just a matter of weeks. They are still after a flagship London store but have yet to find the perfect premises, so until then Birmingham has the lucky fortune of having the very first Forever 21 Store in the UK (and they have just agreed on stores in Dublin and Stratford, but these are unlikely to open this year).
After reading many, many American fashion blogs I have seen lots of Forever 21 items and am personally really glad that this store is finally opening over here. I have looked a number of times at the website but resented the fact that postage is so expensive to the UK. It takes away the fact that this store provides cheap chic clothing and suddenly makes them double the price, but I shall no longer have to lust via the web. Now only if they could open one in Cardiff!

So here are just a few items I would be nabbing if they were here already. This is just the 'New Arrivals' section on the website. And after loving so many items I thought it might be dangerous (to my bank account) for me to look at anymore, so clicked off the page very quickly.
I am in love with this top!! Seriously! I am not usually a fan of graphic tee's but I would die for this one, utterly divine! If anybody fancies sending me this top I shall be forever greatful and will promise to wear it lots! Lol!
What do you guys think? Are you british ladies looking forward to this store opening, or do you think the whole Americanisation/Globalisation of the market place is too much? This store will be direct competition for stores like Primark, New Look, H&M and Peacocks, is this a bad/good thing for the british economy? Or do you not really care, 'bring on the shopping'?
It was also releases this week that Victoria Secret will be following suit and crossing the water shortly as well. I shall look forward to that too I think!

Daisymay X

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  1. That scalloped short is definitely my favourite! Though I can't find something like it anywhere. I think I'm going to make myself one...

    And you asked my top 3 of beautiful woman, well, here it is!
    1. Vivien Leigh
    2. Audrey Hepburn
    3. Christina Aguilera (oddly enough, haha)

  2. Hey Daisy! Thanks for visiting my blog! Welcome to the 30 for 30! Look forward to seeing your pics!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. How exciting! They definitely don't have one in Switzerland still...they need to think about that :)

  4. Thanks for the comment! I am looking forward to seeing your picks for the 30/30 challenge!

  5. I would have really liked to have shopped at Forever 21, hopefully they will open a London store soon.

    Thank you for your lovely comment.


  6. oh! i want that graphic tee too! *wishing*
    thank you for the visit! i'll watch out for your looks. cheers! =>

    ~pie (

  7. This may be dangerous! :) I have been privy to shopping here for a few years and it really is a great shop - lots of bargains. Just make sure you snatch up something you like when you first see it they sell out quickly!

    lovely blog! thanks for stopping by mine!


  8. You have some lovely picks! And that teacup ring...I saw one like that a while ago but it was too expensive for me, so I'm happy to see F21 has one!

    I felt the same way about H&M forever - I saw everyone wearing things and got jealous, then finally about a year ago, we got one!

  9. How cool for everyone in the UK!
    I don't do much shopping at Forever 21. Most of the stuff isn't a good quality, but sometimes you can find some great pieces!

  10. Yay for the UK! Haha your wallets are going to regret this opening! I'm still waiting for a Topshop to open up in SF :)

  11. I'm not too bothered, although I will definitely go and see what all the fuss is about! I do see things from there on bloggers that I love, so maybe it'll be worth it.

  12. Oh I love F21. Even though they're "disposable fashion" in the true sense of the term.

    They're coming to India this september as well! So excited!

  13. I love those scalloped shorts! I just went to their site and didn't see them... humm. Well, as an American I've learned to stop shopping at anyway, as they don't offer free online or in store returns and it's never worth it to pay $6 to return a $14 item.

    Enjoy your first taste of F21!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. f21's just opened here too in the phils:)

  15. I love that we have F21 here. It's a great place to buy the on trend pieces. I acutally have those oxfords and scalloped shorts sitting in my online cart waiting until I can shop again.

    Even though there's a store 3 miles from my house, I still order online. I go into the store and get overwhelmed with all the clothes, and they're not always arranged neatly. So just having one in the UK will be good!


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