Wednesday 14 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 3

A very quick Day 3 post for the '30 for 30 challenge'. Sorry for the crappy photo it's just off an iphone, and was taken on the stair case in the pub before I got changed for work. So I'm minus any make up and am still wearing my specs! Not so flattering.
Outfit made up of 6+13+22+29
6. Florence and the Machines gig T-shirt
13. Dorothy Perkins
22. Apple Bottoms
29. New Look
Vintage Red Beret from swap with Tia

I'm not usually a fan of graphic Tees and never of Band T-shirts as everyday wear but I love my Florence one because it doesn't have any tacky tour dates or big band name logo splashed across it. It's just a picture of the 'Lungs' album cover. Also I have not worn a beret since I was about 8, but I have no idea why coz I love them!! Thanks so much Tia for this little beauty it shall be worn often.

My will power was put to the test today. After I found a rather stunning silver grey beaded dress in Oasis down from £75 to £15 in the sale. I had to physically drag myself away from it and I am very proud of myself for not caving on day 3 of my shopping ban!

30 for 30 Banner

Don't forget to enter my giveaway and check out my '7 Wonders' feature.

Daisymay X

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  1. Really cute outfit, especially love your shoes!

  2. You remixers are so cool. And brave. :)
    It's looking like you're doing very well thusfar.

  3. That's a great look on you! I'm a big fan of the hat and shoes. I'm so jealous that you're wearing a hat. If I had a hat on right now I'd be sweltering.

  4. I love your jacket and shoes! I cant wait to keep seeing your outfits =)

  5. Noce outfit..i like u'r jacket..^^
    also i put u'r giveaway link on my sidebar, u can check here:

  6. Love your bomber, with that, jeans and a tee are totally awesome.

    I'm going to be bad and not commend your for leaving the dress -- £75 to £15? It so would have been worth it ;)

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Oh, I didn't even figure in how difficult it's going to be to resist sales on this challenge! Good on you for walking away - wow. Plus you put together a killer outfit - take that, temptation-of-silver-dress-on-sale!
    Thanks for stopping by Button Jar! I found that necklace at a random market in downtown Sydney for about $15 - it's paid for itself many times over.

  8. you are rocking the no makeup look though! :) :)

  9. your 7 wonders feature is rad! and i'm glad to see another person doing the 30 for 30--yay!


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