Thursday 15 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 4

Ok I have already failed miserably at the 30 for 30 shopping ban and I am a very very bad person! I am so sorry (but I don't feel that guilty, lol). But really I could not resist that dress I saw yesterday, seriously it was so so pretty and being in the Oasis sale, double discounted, from £75 to £30 to £15 it was just too much! I can never afford stuff in Oasis and I rarely find stuff I like (I'm really fussy, honest!), in my size and at a price I can/am willing to pay. So I tried the dress on and caved once I saw how pretty it looked. So here it is so you guys can see why I had to break my ban, seriously had to, I couldn't just leave this beauty there! I promise to add another 4 days at the end of the 30 for 30 to make up for it, Promise!
So what do you think? Was it worth breaking my ban? I know it would not have still been there in a month, at that price! Its kinda a modern take on a 1920 flapper dress, don't you think? I would never usually buy a dress like this, so fancy, lol and expensive but I thought bugger it for a change. And shall be wearing it for my Mum and Dad's birthday meal out at the end of the month.

Ok onto Day 4
Simple outfit as I worked in the day today, so came home and got dressed into normal clothes which is very strange for me, as after work I usually just slump in my dressing gown for the evening if I'm not going out.
Outfit made up of 5+24+28
5. Tommy Hilfiger
25. Be Bop via Tia
28. Mustang
Internacionale Owl Earrings
Internacionale Lace Bangle
Sorry the colour is off in this one, had to fiddle with it coz of some dreadful lighting! And Im on the phone as Jon phoned just as the timer was about to finish, so I just posed and went with it! Not bad!

30 for 30 Banner

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Daisymay X

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  1. Haha! You certainly HAD to take the chance! You look super cute in it. Do you know when you'll be using it for the first time? It looks fancy.

    Aweee! I wish I could go back to England!

  2. The dress buy is completely justified!!! LOVE it!

  3. those shorts look great on you! glad you can pull them off so well (:

    and also..... TOTALLY worth breaking the ban! that dress is GORGEOUS. i love it, i would buy it in a second lol.

    p.s. WAY TO GET 24 NEW FOLLOWERS! raddd!!

  4. That dress is gorg! I don't blame you for breaking the ban at all...any smart chick would given that opportunity!

  5. I don't blame you, it is tough to resist when you find a great deal! I will have to stay for away from stores for the challenge to resist temptation : )

  6. LOL I think it is funny you admitted to breaking the no-shopping ban. But the dress is adorable.

  7. i love the dress. you cant resist a good deal! i understand!!! xoxo

  8. Haha who could resist such a pretty dress! I love the trim and detail and the 1920s vibe!

  9. That gray dress is such a striking piece!

  10. Hmmm...I think the dress was worth it :)

  11. That dress is gorgeous! I say it's worth it :)

  12. I would've broken the ban for that dress, too. It's stunning!

  13. That dress is totally worth breaking the ban for and I am insanely jealous- that dress is GORGEOUS!!! Love your blog :)


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