Wednesday 7 July 2010

Radisson Blu make dreams come true!

Good evening lovelies! Today I am going to stray far away from the usual world of fashion you see on this blog, but don't scurry off just yet, I think you may all like to read this post!

How would you ladies like to spend a night in one of these rooms?

Yeah I thought you would!

Ok now, how would you like to spend 365 days in one of these rooms?

Bet your all wondering what the hell I'm talking about now aren't you. Well how about 365 FREE days? Yes I said FREE!

Oh yes! All of these stunning rooms are hotel rooms in Radisson Blu hotels around the world. And Radisson Blu are currently holding the most amazing competition ever to win the greatest holiday in the world. As much as I would like to keep this competition all to myself to increase my chance of winning, I thought I should really share it with all you guys and give you all a chance to win too (as long as you promise to take me away with you for a night! Only joking!)

So whats the competition? Well its as simple as this, just click here and fill in the simple form telling Radisson Blu why you should win. Then everyone can vote for the answer they like best. Who ever gets the most votes July 24th will win! Easy Peasy!

So what is the prize!

Well its 365 FREE night in any of the 200+ Radisson Blu hotels in the world, which can be used anytime over the next 5 years. Really that has to be the most amazing prize ever! Yes?

I bet some of you are itching to get on and post your entries, so what would yours be? Leave a comment with you answer or the link to your entry so we can all get voting!

Even if your not planning to enter yourself please click here and vote for me. Please!! I would love to win this prize so so much!

Daisymay X

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Oh gosh, I'm not even going to try to win for that! good luck :) :)

  2. Holy cow. That is the best prize EVER!

  3. Voted for you, good luck. :D I swear, when I have a house, it's going to be decorated all modern and awesome like those rooms <3

  4. GORGEOUS pictures :)

    love these

    Char x

  5. wowee thats such an INSANE prizeee!


  6. These look totally cool!


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