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My 7 Wonders of the Fashion Blogging World - Barbro Andersen

Hello Ladies and welcome back to day 4 of my '7 Wonders' Feature (half way there!). Today I am bringing you a Norwegian Beauty whose outfits range from edgy to ethereal, romantic to rocker. An all-round eclectic I feel. Not only is she stunning but so are her photos and her surroundings in the Norwegian country side.
I first started following her blog when she did a weeklong feature remixing 1 dress. I was amazed by how different she could make just 1 dress look by simply accessorising it differently.

Say hello (and Happy Birthday!!) to Barbro Andersen

What's your name and where do you come from?

My name is Barbro Andersen and I'm from Norway

What's your blog name and why did you name it that?

It simple: my name is Barbro and Barkatt has been my nickname for years :) I didn't really know what I was going to blog about when I begun this adventure, so I figured naming it after myself would be the best way to start.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I've had this style-blog for about a year and half, but I had a personal journal online seven years prior to that. I started this blog because I wanted to share my interest with someone other than my friends here in my little home town. I don't exactly live in, or close, to any of the fashion capitals - and figured this was a good way to start!

What's your everyday job?

I do a lot of things! I'm a volunteer freelance journalist, hopefully soon to be student and blogger.

How would you describe your style?

I guess I'm a romantic deep down, that's at least what's been the most consistent aspect of my style throughout the years. I think I'm an experimental romantic juggling a rocker chic vibe, with comfortable elements in an elegant and dark palette. I love black clothes, and though I've been falling in love with a lighter palette this spring - I will return to it eventually.

What/who inspires your fashion choices?

Nature plays a big role in my wardrobe choices, especially since I lived in the cold northern parts of Norway for so long. I get inspiration from what I see, feel, hear and smell. I love challenging myself, and when I do, I usually manage to inspire myself in the process. I of course get inspiration from other bloggers too, but I prefer searching for something more personal within myself.

Do you believe in following trends?

Somewhat, but I guess not. I prefer creating my own trends and style statements. I like what I like, and buy what I find interesting - not particularly what's "in fashion" right now.

Where do you stand on high street copy cats of designer pieces?

I don't like it when things become mainstream, especially in this case. Designing clothes is in general not a lucrative occupation, unless you are an established and popular artist. When you get that high up in the food chain, you deserve every bit of appreciation; and since the designers are working so hard on creating their pieces, they should be more protected.

Imagine truly investing in a piece, with both heart and money - just to realize you could get the exact same thing down the street for a tenth of the price. I prefer it when you have something that's "one of a kind" and special, to you. I can't afford designer clothes either, but I do get tempted by this growing trend - and that's what the copycats are counting on.

It's OK to draw inspiration and translate the high-street trends your own way, that's what style is all about, but copying every cut and seam of it is just wrong. I won't say I've never bought something like that, but I do think it's getting out of hand. Be original.

Most of you wear vintage items, do you have a favourite type of item you look for or is there a specific era you like?

I look for quality fabric, but not from a specific era. I like classic items, or something that's just too special to let go. I like buying vintage pants though, I don't really know why. I've found so many gorgeous blazers, I kind of lost count. I like to spend a lot of time looking at things when I visit these kinds of stores, browsing through everything. I usually end up with something every time!

What's the most memorable outfit you have ever worn?

The picture entitled: Ugly is the new beautiful.

I won an amazing prize with this outfit! I got to spend 5000 Norwegian krones at an online store called I had a really hard time getting this exact shot. It was snowing and I had to tie an umbrella to my camera-rack, but I guess this proves that making an effort really works!

Have you ever made a really bad fashion faux paux?

I do it every day. I don't really care too much about being "in style", I'd rather look a bit weird. It's who I am.

Do you have a favourite designer or new emerging designer?

I am missing Alexander McQueen terribly. I absolutely adore the Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll, she's so freakin creative it hurts my eyes sometimes. I also like Vatle, Flinga and Undorn, which are all Norwegian. I get inspiration from ACNE and Burberry Prorsum - although I don't own any of their designs myself.

What one items couldn't you live without?


Whats your style tip for this season?

Wear sunscreen, socks in sandals, hats, pale colors and black! I also love this full-length trend that's somewhat popular in Norway, which makes it easy to get my hands on maxi-dresses and awesome jumpsuits!

If you could have any celebrity wardrobe who's would it be and why?

I don't have a favorite celebrity, therefore no specific wardrobe I'd want. I do however have favorite bloggers, and a lot of cravings because of it.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

The Clothes Horse (

Elenita (

June Paski (

mode d'amour (

Constance-Victoria (

What is your favourite Fashion Magazine, and is there a specific reason?

Elle UK is my absolute favorite! They have interesting articles, a creative editor and beautiful covers. When I buy Elle, I get out my post-its and label things I like and find inspirational. It makes the magazine look like something out of a circus! I like Norwegian Costume too; it's somewhat similar to Elle, but mostly concentrates on what's happening in Norway.

Vixen Magazine is cool too!

Is there any models/photographers/clothes store/etsy store/online store (generally anything) you love right now?

I'm sure I say this every time, but I just love Ebay. I find new and interesting stores every time I visit, it's usually inexpensive, easy to search through and has everything from soles to designer dresses.

My favorite community right now is MSN Style Gallery, probably because they are trying to include their members into several arenas like i.e: Costume Magazine.

I don't know who directed me in the direction of photographer Eleanor Hardwick , but I'm forever grateful. I really recommend taking a look at her awesome pictures, you won't regret it.

What one tip would you give to new fashion bloggers now that you have a successful blog?

Give it time, nothing happens over night :)

The quick fire round

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Cupcakes or doughnuts? Neither, I don't like sweet stuff.

Chocolate ice cream or strawberry? Neither, I still don't like sweet stuff :)

Cats or Dogs? Cats

PC or Mac? PC

Soaps or Reality? Soaps

Books or Films? Both

Up North or Down South? Down South

Summer or Winter? Summer!

Prada or Gucci? Prada

Single or Taken? Taken

Heels or Flats? Heels

Sweet or Salty? Salty

Masculine or Feminine? Feminine

Early Mornings or Late nights? Late nights for sure. I can't stand getting up in the morning.

Thanks so much Barbro and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a great one!

Tomorrow I'll be bringing you a blogger no doubt all of you will have heard of. Her flaming red hair is very well know as are her great photos and individual sense of style.

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Daisymay X

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  1. Great interview, Barbo has some great style, I'll have to check out her blog!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your 7 Wonders, I truly appreciate that! I've linked to your blog on my interview page <3

  3. I looooooove Barbro Andersen. I think she is one of the best bloggers and I am one of her dedicated readers!
    Great interview!


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