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my 7 Wonders of the Fashion Blogging World - The Clothes Horse

Well here is another of my '7 Wonders' posts. I don't really think this one needs much of an intro. I was instantly attracted to her amazing photos when I first found her blog. They are beautifully taken in a beautiful setting. Then you stick her and her amazing style into the mix and you get really great photos.

Say Hello to The Clothes Horse

What's your name and where do you come from?

I’m Rebecca and I’m from all over. My father is in the army, so I’ve moved every 3 years since I was six months old. I don’t really consider anywhere home since I’ve been hopping from state to state and even overseas my whole life.

What's your blog name and why did you name it that?

My blog is The Clothes Horse; the name sort of is a descriptor of me. It’s an antiquate term, so I liked the vintage vibe that it gives and the name also gives me liberty. I don’t write a fashion blog, my blog is written by a clothes horse, or someone who likes clothes—so I can write about non-fashion items as I will.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I’ve been blogging since the summer of 2007, so nearly 3 years. I was at my college during the summer after a semester in Japan and I was feeling really trapped and bored and there was no one around who shared my interests. I started my blog to connect to people with similar interests and to have a creative outlet.

What's your everyday job?

My blog is my job right now. I also work a little freelance writing and I’ve had a couple of photographs and illustrations commissioned.

How would you describe your style?

My style is quirky and feminine. I wear a lot of somewhat classic, girl-y pieces but I mix it up with colorful tights, unique jewelry, and vintage fascinators or hats.

What/who inspires your fashion choices?

Everything inspires me: the weather has a big influence on my style choices and the nature I live in. In addition, I’m inspired by other fashion bloggers, runway collections, old films, and so many other things!

Do you believe in following trends?

No, not really. I think you can embrace trends you like, but “following” something just because it is hot goes against how I think we should dress ourselves.

Where do you stand on high street copy cats of designer pieces?

I think it is best when high street stores make pieces inspired by designer pieces; it’s wonderful when we can buy pieces that are similar to designer ones at affordable prices. However, I think exact copies or nearly exact copies are definitely taking things too far. I also think the price of designer pieces isn’t always worth their quality and the money doesn’t always go back and benefit those who are part of the production.

Most of you wear vintage items, do you have a favourite type of item you look for or is there a specific era you like?

I love looking for and at vintage hats and fascinators. I’ve got quite a collection going and I keep finding more I like—they’re so easy to throw on with really modern clothes.

What's the most memorable outfit you have ever worn?

I have no idea what my most memorable outfit is…seriously, drawing a complete blank!

Have you ever made a really bad fashion faux pas?

I made a lot when I was younger—leggings and clogs (before they were hot and definitely in a not hot version!) and tons of clothes that simply didn’t fit. I probably make what many people believe are faux pas now (wearing black and navy, socks with open toed shoes, etc), but I embrace them—it wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t take risks or make mistakes.

Do you have a favourite designer or new emerging designer?

Christian Lacroix has been my favorite for a long time (so sad about his failing company…). More recent collections I like are Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, and Erdem.

What one items couldn't you live without?

My ballet flats, matte red lipstick, blue nail polish, and lots of rings!

What’s your style tip for this season?

Heidi or milkmaid braids! I’ve made a little tutorial b/c they’re a lot easier than they look to do (I have very few hairstyling skills) and they keep you so cool when the weather heats up.

If you could have any celebrity wardrobe who's would it be and why?

Sofia Coppola; I love her style so much!

Who are your favorite bloggers?

Calivintage, Style Bubble, Miss Pandora, and tons more!

What is your favourite Fashion Magazine, and is there a specific reason?

I love the editorials in Vogue Italia and Vogue Nippon. Italia has great pictorials and Nippon always seems to have the most playful ones.

Is there any models/photographers/clothes store/etsy store/online store (generally aything) you love right now?

The Olive Shoppe; I just found it and I sort of what everything they have in stock—I did buy one dress from there!

What one tip would you give to new fashion bloggers now that you have a successful blog?

Everyone probably says “blog about what you love” and while I agree, to keep things interesting: generate your own material. If people can find what you post on elsewhere, they will. Also, the best thing you can bring to your blog is yourself, so generating your own material is the best way to convey who you are.

Quick Fire Round

Tea or Coffee? Neither….

Cupcakes or doughnuts? Cupcakes

Chocolate ice cream or strawberry? Strawberry

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

PC or Mac? Mac

Soaps or Reality? Reality…

Books or Films? Books

Up North or Down South? Down South (for the weather)

Summer or Winter Summer (again, for the weather)

Prada or Gucci? Prada

Single or Taken? Single

Heels or Flats? Flats

Sweet or Salty? Sweet

Masculine or Feminine? Feminine (although it depends on what you’re referring to)

Early Mornings or Late nights? Late nights!!!

There you have it the amazing Rebecca, with some interesting answers.

Tomorrows lady may not be as well know as the ones I have featured so far but she definitely has plenty of chic! This girl has a quirky sense of style that manages to hit glamour with a capital G, yet does it so effortlessly!

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Daisymay X

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  1. i totally dig her outfits....

  2. Great post!;);)

  3. great interview! her outits are always great

  4. Fun interview and great blog :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! Yay for Rosebuds!

    Happy weekend, xoxo!

  5. She is a great fashion blogger! Such whimsical style.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  6. I like Rebecca :) More her dresses than her shoes, though.

  7. I love these postings you do! But this one is by far my favorite because of my personal addiction to The Clothes Horse blog. I seriously have yet to se her put together an outfit I don't dream of wearing.

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  8. I follow her, too! I love her pictures and I don't know, it's fun to read.

    Thanks a lot for offering help! =) I'm more excited than stressed out ... NOW. We'll see how I make it to the big day, hehe.

    Have an awesome weekend, Daisy!


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