Thursday 29 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 8 & 9

Well girls Im sorry for being so useless these past 2 weeks, just really hectic here. So here are Day 8 and 9 of my 30 for 30 challenge. I shall be posting 2 outfit days for a few days to catch up. There are also some pictures of my yucky allergic reaction, as a few of you guys clearly have a morbid curiosity about how I react. They aren't that gross really, but if your squeamish stop scrolling after the outfits! lol!

So Day 8's outfit is what I wore to Alton Towers so the main thing it needed to be was comfy.
Outfit made up of 3+4+22+30
3. Miss Selfridge
4. Bianca Nygard
22. Apple Bottoms
30. Jasper Conran

No accessories at all as I wanted the outfit to be simple and comfy for all the rides. I did wear my leather jacket a bit when it rained.

Day 9's outfit had no particular reason as far as I remember.
Outfit made up of 2+20+26
2. Tommy Hilfiger
20. Tommy Hilfiger
26. George at ASDA
Flower necklace from Silk
Turquoise Bracelets gift from Jackie

Ok next comes my yucky leg so stop scrolling now if your squeamish.
I have a slightly strange allergy and I tend to even baffle doctors, who are adamant that it isn't an insect bite when I show them what happens. But I was diagnosed when I was little so I am used to it and know what it is. Strangely I thought I had grown out of it, as for 4 or 5 years I didnt have any trouble at all, but it came back! There is nothing really they can do about it, just antihistamines to stop the itching and antibiotics in case it gets infected, which it never has.

So first it swells like this. This took around 5 hours to rise. And it rose a few millimetres more before it hurt so much I had to pop it with a pin. That kinda is gross! It hurts rather than itches at this point.
Then when I pop it it goes like this. Although I did have to drain it about 5 times with a pin as it just kept swelling back up. It itches for about a day after popping. Now it doesn't itch or hurt really, but it does weep now and then so I have to tape bandages to it.
I also have a little one at the top of my leg. which only swelled a tiny, bit but the poison spread more in this one (see the red patch) so it itches like hell, and is raised and kinda hard.
So there ends my medical lesson for today, hope I haven't grossed you all out too much. Hopefully if any of you have a similar problem in the future you will now know what it is. Does anyone else have a weird allergy or reaction to things. I am allergic to quite a few other things but they just cause sneezing or a bad stomach (or a rash if its on my skin in some cases).

No more gross stuff from now on I promise.
More outfits tomorrow and some shots of the Cardiff Bay Wow Festival which was amazing!

Loving this guys voice and sound at the mo. Heard him for the first time yesterday on the radio.

Daisymay X

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  1. Oh crap, poor you! I'm having sympathy pains. LOL. On the bright side, love your outfits. ;)

  2. that first shirt is way fun - and sorry about your leg! that's frustrating!

  3. I have the same issue with insect bites...just be careful though...if that rash (the one in the last pic) starts spreading you might need a visit to the doctor for meds.

  4. oo cherry blossoms would be pretty!

  5. Oh no, hope your leg is better :(

  6. Aww I hope your leg gets better soon! Is that safe to pop it with a pin like that?


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