Tuesday 27 July 2010

Newport State of Mind!

Ok I've had a long, tiring day. And an allergic reaction to some insect bites, which are now swelling like water blisters on my leg (quite gross really but I'm used to it, they hurt like hell though) So in other words I'm too tired to post anything logical or inspiring so I shall instead post something funny. If your from Wales or even just the UK this will be funnier than it is for my international readers.

Newport State Of Mind!
Classic, Hilarious and So So True, lol! Enjoy!

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  1. omg lol @ newport video hehehe
    yes thats frist time for me to bought clothes online ><
    hehe thank you for ur comment :D

  2. Oh no to an allergic reaction!!!

    Thanks for posting that video; I enjoyed it!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  3. haha who doesn't love a good parody :)

  4. Oh, dear! I hope you're doing much better now. Is there anything I can do for you? I know I'm far, but, if you think I vould do something to cheer you up, I'm all ears! :)

    I watched the video and I think I probably got half of it or less, haha. I mean the jokes. I don't know much about Wales. I'm obsessed with going to Glasgow, Scotland, because my favorite bands are from there. I want to see Belle & Sebastian so bad!!! The only thing I remember about Wales is a movie I watched a while ago about racism against Pakistanis. I remember I kind of liked their accent.

    Have a great day! And don't touch the blisters at all! Keep yourself distracted.



  5. great post && i love your blog header! so cute :))

  6. My best friend growing up used to have the most awful reactions to mosquito bites. They certainly itch for me, but I never got the disastrous swelling that she did. Hope you're over it ASAP! =)

  7. Oh no!! I'm allergic to mosquito bites too so I fully know your pain - I swell up, and if I get bitten on my ankle I hobble and can't really wear shoes.. I end up with hobbit feet lol


  8. this is a great video !!
    i hate mosquito bites.. there's sooo many of them here in indonesia.. their bites leave nasty marks on my skin :/

  9. Hope u get better soon :)
    So funny :L Thanks for sharing xx


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