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My 7 Wonders of the Fashion Blogging World - AlphaBetaChic

Well ladies we are almost there on my '7 Wonders' feature. This is number 6! Yay. I hope you are all enjoying. This time I bring you a beautiful girl who has quirky style with a glamourous edge. She is always a little bit fun and a little bit different. I love seeing the great items she is adding to her wardrobe and how she goes about styling them. She was also my first swap partner and sent me some amazing stuff, so for that I must thank her again. So without further ado:
Say hello to AlphaBetaChic

What's your name and where do you come from?

Patty Ann of Los Angeles!

What's your blog name and why did you name it that?

AlphaBetaChic. I finally settled on this blog name because I really wanted to use the word “chic” somehow and love the way Greek letters sound. The only thing stopping me from blogging sooner was figuring out that blog name!

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

Just a little under a year! You know to-do lists? I make to-do lists of all the outfit ideas I come up with during the day so I can try them on when I get home. My blog started out as a personal journal with these daily lists, until I decided that I should photograph all the good outfits for my inspiration journal/blog. Some of my blog posts are outfits I’ve worn out and others are ones that I’ve come up with and I’m saving for those “nothing to wear” days. Lastly it’s also a great excuse to play dress up and have photoshoots with my friends.

What's your everyday job?

Investments management, surprised?! (I am!!)

How would you describe your style?

Girly. Sweet. Feminine. I prefer skirts and dresses over pants—the pouffier the better plus Big bows and ruffles. My friend knew me for two years and had never seen me wear jeans.,

What/who inspires your fashion choices?

Where I’m going has a lot to do with my choices since sometimes I consider the outfit as important as the event itself. I plan my outfits for events MONTHS in advance, no joke. I like to think of the place I’m going to as the set of a photoshoot and try to dress thematically and consistently with the location. I’ll also consider how fashion forward the crowd will be because its an opportunity to be more daring or out of the box.

Do you believe in following trends?

Following trends is fine but starting trends is more my style! I have to admit it’s pretty annoying when ugly trends take over every single store and retail therapy is useless! There are some trends that I love like harem pants, and some that I hate like shredded tshirts and stripper shoes.

Where do you stand on high street copy cats of designer pieces?

Knockoffs are fine by me, hello Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, and Topshop! What grosses me out is label whoring (wearing head to toe designer just for the sake of it) and horrendously cheap material (like plastic shoes or sticky bags). I just hope that people who buy copies know that what they are buying might have a similar design but the material quality is usually disgusting. That’s a huge difference so there’s no use pretending.

Most of you wear vintage items. Do you have a favourite type of item you look for or is there a specific era you like?

I love the 80s—cupcake dresses, sheer bandage dresses, and those ornate sequin tops/dresses that are elaborately covered in sequins and beading. Other vintage treasures I enjoy collecting include ponchos, caftans, sheer or lace Victorian dresses, ethnic or traditional costumes, and embroidered jackets with great detailing.

What's the most memorable outfit you have ever worn? (is it because of a specific item or an event you relate it to?

Most of my favorite pieces are favorites because something special was happening when I wore it. It’s hard to pick just one because so many items/outfits have a story behind it.

Have you ever made a really bad fashion faux paux?

Hahah of course. Usually it involves wearing head to toe in solid black or clubbing dresses. It feels alright in the moment because black is slimming or it feels “hot” but I always think differently looking back!!!

Do you have a favourite designer or new emerging designer?

Other than a long-time love for the D&G line and Ralph Lauren, I’m pretty fickle about my favorites.

What items couldn't you live without?

My throw-on red flannel plaid shirt and gold brogues.

What’s your style tip for this season?

Find yourself

  • metallic brogues for long walks and/or dancing all night
  • lots of white sundresses
  • a flower hair crown
  • gold and lucite jewelry

If you could have any celebrity wardrobe who's would it be and why?

Probably that of the Olsens. They wear so much vintage, and fashion for them is never a game of how much skin to show or being considered “sexy”.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

My friends Mel, Becs, Neekoh, and Tiff

What is your favourite Fashion Magazine, and is there a specific reason?

I used to read fashion magazines religiously and go to bookstores to browse for hours but lately I prefer designer and boutique lookbooks like ones on Wildfox, Stone Cold Fox, and Nasty Gal.

Are there any models/photographers/clothes store/etsy store/online store (generally anything) you love right now?

Obsessed with Etsy. Some of my favorites include

- whimsical and nature inspired hair pieces from My Fair Birdie

- statement necklaces from Nina Ramone

- girly but edgy jewelry from Poison Apple NYC

- flower hair crowns by Royal Menagerie

- statement necklaces from Bejewelled Bespoke.

- slave bracelets from Lellabean

- ear cuffs from Zannedelions

I want to start a shop but I don’t know what to sell

What one tip would you give to new fashion bloggers now that you have a successful blog?

Don’t give up! Putting in the extra effort to take pictures and post them makes the difference!

Tea or Coffee? Coffee, black.

Cupcakes or doughnuts? Cupcakes are much cuter, and cute=yum to my stomach

Chocolate ice cream or strawberry? Strawberry with real fruit bits

Cats or Dogs? Kittens

PC or Mac? Baby PCs

Soaps or Reality? Faux-reality. I want to have my own reality show LOL.

Books or Films? Books

Up North or Down South? I guess South?

Summer or Winter? Winter, more clothes to wear!

Prada or Gucci? Prada

Single or Taken? It’s complicated, jk jk.

Heels or Flats? Heels

Sweet or Salty? Sweet

Masculine or Feminine? Feminine

Early Mornings or Late nights? Late nights

Thanks lots to Patty Ann, if you want to see more of her great style see her blog.

Tomorrow will be the last of my '7 Wonders of the Fashion Blogging World' but I can't say I have saved the best till last, as all my lovely ladies are amazing, but I can say you won't want to miss out on this one, so please check back tomorrow. She has style in abundance, a cropped hair cut, some funky tattoos and some great vintage pieces. Bet you can all guess who it is already!

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