Thursday 8 October 2009

Deco Delights!

Today I decided I was going to have a nose on Etsy for Deco things. For two reasons: 1. I adore art deco stuff and 2. My wedding (which is in May) has a slight vintage deco theme to it. So i quite often have a look to see if I can find any bargains for the flat or the wedding. As usual I found quite a few pieces I really liked, so here are a few.

First I found a few stunning head pieces. Now I already have a gorgeous Louis Mariette Art Deco Headband for the wedding but I still loved these 4 and I love to wear them anyway. (All prices I quote are rounded up at the current conversion rate so may vary a little)

This one can be found here and is a very reasonable £16 plus postage. Its made of a stunning
beaded appliqué attached to a black headband.

This amazing piece is a little more pricy at £22 plus postage. But I think it is so beautiful. The
deco beaded diamond sets off the piece so well against the beautiful feathers. It is attached to a comb rather than a band so will fit into an up-do better than a band. It can be found here.

Well these next two are for people who have money to burn (and I really wish I did as they are both so beautiful!). They are both around £75 plus postage. The first looks as if it is truly a vintage piece, but is actually a replica of a Jeanne Lanvin piece. Made of intricate beading and emu feathers. It can be found here.

The one below can be found here and I think it would
be the perfect bridal piece (if I didn't already have mine!) Made with a vintage rhinestone piece, feathers and a silver hair clip. This is just one of many stunning pieces on this shop so I would advise you check it out if your looking for a different bridal or special occasion head piece.

Ok so those where the head-dresses. Next I will show you the few key pieces of jewellery I found. There were so so many stunning pieces to choose from I just picked the few that really
caught my eye.

The first piece below was actually a belt buckle but could be used as a pendant or would look amazing sewn onto a piece of clothing just like a brooch. It has such a striking and unusual shape it would be so eye-catching and the kinda piece people are going to ask you about. It is very well priced at under £10 plus postage. The listing says it is circa 1920's so is a true vintage piece. Find it here, but also check out the other stuff in the shop as they have some very nice stuff.

This piece is so cheap (I would buy it myself if I didn't already have one very similar) its only £4 plus postage. It is a traditional waterfall shape and according to the seller can be worn as a brooch or pendant, and can also been worn upside-down. It's made of silver coloured metal and rhinestones and can be found here.
I think the piece below is my favorite of the lot, it is a vintage pedant on a hand made chain. The seller has chosen perfect beads to set off the colours in the Deco pendant. Although it is listed as a vintage pendant I think it is probably a replica from a later era due to the colour and perfect preservation. It works out as around £14 plus postage so very reasonable. Look here if you like it.
These very cute earrings are also £14 plus postage. Although they are quite simple they are just so pretty. Lotus flower accent with black czech glass blossoms. Find them here.
Ok so the next piece isn't exactly jewellery in the traditional sense but it is jewellery for your shoes!! And who doesn't want to have shoe jewellery! Can be found here but will set your back around £42 plus postage per pair! They aren't really very deco-ish but I had to share them as they are so awsome! They can be custom made with any colour feather and material.
Well thats it for tonight but I do have a few deco houseware pieces to show you next time.

So, lets see what tomorrow brings.
Daisymay XOXO

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