Saturday 31 October 2009

Halloween Costume ideas?

I have had no interesting outfits the past few days, sorry! But I have literally only worn my dressing gown and then my pub uniform (which isn't very exciting, black work shirt and black trousers). All very boring and dull! I thought I would give you all some fun stuff to read/look at for tonight from my archive of photos. But a heads up, tomorrow I'm off to the little vintage shop I found for a mini interview and to take lots of pretty photos!

So although some of you know I'm planning on dressing up as Columbia from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' tomorrow (today as it's 3am!!) there are a few other options so I thought I would show you the pictures of some of my past fancy dress costumes and see what you all think. So here is Columbia from the original film:
And here is my take on it. Not prefect but its still quite good I think.
Then of course I could go for something sweeter and go as Minnie Mouse!
I did wanna wear my bat costume coz its really cute! But bat wings on a busy bar are a big no no. Think of all the havoc they would cause wacking people!
Then there is my fireman costume which is a little naughty, but completely home made (I'm very proud of it actually!!)
Complete with a 'FIRE' emblazoned bottom! lol!
Or there is the trust naughty school girl to fall back on?
I have a few others but no photos of them, but these are my favourite! So what do you think? Which will be the best? Ive got till about 6pm to properly decide, I will post photos after work so you can see how it went!

Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. You have had some great costumes!! I absolutely adore Halloween!

  2. Aw cute costumes!!


  3. Love love your past costumes and I adore this year's one as well:)

    You look just so so stunning !! And good news for you!!! Wooooo !

    Quick check out my blog or your email !

  4. Great costumes, I hope you have a great Halloween whatever you wore

  5. You look cute in all of them. I like the fire on the bottom, made me laugh. So, the fireman outfit.

    Fabulous Finds Gal

  6. en, wat is het uiteindelijk geworden? haha


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