Tuesday 27 October 2009

The Jacket's first outing!

My little vintage Jacket got its first outing today when me and the Other Half went to the cinema to see Triangle (kinda jumpy and scary but not that great, will be posting a review on my other blog (here) soon if you wanna know more). Here are my outfit pics from today. Not a very exciting setting as we were in the city center at midnight but at least you can see what I was wearing (excuse the messy hair need my fridge trimmed major time, and couldn't be bothered to straighten it just for cinema!)

So I'm wearing my new vintage jacket, Dress by Lipsy received through Big Wardrobe (I love that site!!), Leggings (They are rouched at the bottom but you can't really see in these pics) and Shoes: Primark, Top necklace is handmade but don't know who by, Hair clip (I love it so much) and bottom necklace are vintage off my wonderful aunt.

Well that was today's outfit!!

I was also nosing through the November Vogue today, I did mention a few days ago that it was a 'Mend and Make Do' issue. Well, they took 3 incredible couture designers, Shona Heath, William Tempest and Peter Jensen and challenged them to make outfits from household objects with the aid of sticky tape, scissors and PVA glue. Some of them were a bit silly and not even remotely wearable but I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the designs were really nice and something could really be worn if they were made with a proper fabric. So here are my favorites:

The Paper Doily Dress by Shona Heath
Inspired by Chloe
Total Cost: £26.95
I adore the huge almost victorian looking collar that could be made out of beautiful fine lace. I also love the teacup ear muffs!!! I know they aren't wearable really but they just look so cute and girly a really ingenious use of a household item!

The Pick-and-Mix Suit
Cardboard hat made by Rike Feurstein
Total Cost: £69.80
This suit fits like an amazingly well tailored suit! This must have been so time consuming to fold and stick all the edges so perfectly. Obviously made out of paper its very delicate but you could just see it being made of light weight cotton for the perfect summer outfit. I really like the paper bag pockets! Such a clever little touch that gives the jacket a little extra something.

Tea Towel Corset by William Tempest
Stitched from 9 Tea Towels in this seasons check print
Total Cost: £5.97
This is the most stunningly constructed item. He managed to make a sexy piece of clothing from tea towels, which is absolutely amazing. I love the unusual shape with almost a tulip shape at the hips and repeated up the corset, ending with the fitted ruffles at the top. You wouldn't think it was Tea Towels if you didn't know, it could easily be a normal fabric material. The pattern of this would look perfect in so many fabrics if it was to really be made for stores.

The model is also fabulous. She is Malgosia Bela and she manages to rock all of the outfits even the more ludicrous ones (Teletubby looking outfit made entirely of cotton wool buds and toilet paper, not at all sexy!) The photographs are by Tim Walker and are all stunning!

Thats all for tonight folks
Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Daisymay XOXO

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  2. Where oh where is my Vogue?? Love your jacket and the hair clip!

  3. I really love the corset - my boyfriend was flicking through Vogue while I was in the shower and told me I should make it! I'm actually kind of tempted to have a go...


  4. I love the dress. Looks great with the leggings!


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