Saturday 24 October 2009

Frolics in the park! And checking out St Davids 2

Well somebody left me a message a few days ago saying I should show my face in the photos, so today I have finally gotten up the courage to get my sis to take some nicer shots of me and my outfit for today. And you can see my face! I had originally wanted this to be an anonymous blog in case I wanted to bitch about something but after seeing so many of your lovely photos I thought I should change my ways. I had a lovely day out shopping with my little sis who has just moved into halls in cardiff, and I bet I shall be seeing alot more of her now. (She can be my mini photographer when she is about, lol) Other than shopping I have had a rather manic shift in the pub tonight but luckily managed to go the whole shift without any accident to myself or others.

Top is actually a dress from H&M, Skirt is by Tommy Hilfigure, Tights: Primark, Belt and Boots: small shop back home, Cardigan: New Look, Purple gloves: Tesco, Necklace: Shop in one of the many cardiff arcades.

I have realised you can't really see my necklace that well (or my gloves!) so will take a better pic of it another time coz I really do like it. Had it off my parents last christmas and it is just so cute. So that was me, you can (almost) put a face to this rambling blog!

Anyway whilst out in cardiff we had to check out the new St Davids 2 Mall. And its really not bad. I thought it would be bigger considering all the fuss they have made about it, I mean its only a fraction of the size of The Mall in Bristol or Blue Water, so in that respect it was a little disappointing. But it has a great variety of new shops (some are still not open though!) none of which I can afford at the moment but I thought I would take a few pics to show you some of them.

Prize for the cutest dressed shop goes to Butterfly. Although I'm not a fan of the colour pink this little shop is just adorable! Selling really cute little dresses and some stunning bags, at an almost reasonable price for tight purse strings (fingers crossed for awsome after xmas sales!)

Prize for funkiest clothing display goes to CULT, a store which seems to just stock Superdry clothing (so why they didn't just call it that I don't know). I'm loving the industrial warehouse feel to this place, and the ton of hanging lights is funky as hell. Prices are a little steep, but in line with most high street stores

Prize for most simple and effective store front goes to the apple shop, what more did they need other than one bloody huge, lit up apple! No-one could possibly miss it (even if they wanted to, like me who will have to literally drag my other half past).

And finally I just wanted to show you this one - Paperchase only because I love the huge striped wall! And believe me it really is massive! It is really pretty and colourful and just awesome, makes you wanna go in and spend a fortune on note-lets and cards just so you can stare at that wall for a little longer!

Right so thats all for tonight folks seeing as its 4am! I shall go take more photos of St Davids 2 tomorrow maybe! If you are living somewhere round here it is defiantly worth a gander (but I do warn you its busy at the mo!) So let's see what tomorrow brings.
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Please don't be offended by this observation as I mean well, but your necklace and belt buckle are competing. I think the necklace is awesome--I love extra long necklaces!--but I think this (cute!) outfit would be improved without it in this case because of the belt buckle and actually, the shirt detail as well. Despite that, I think you look really great!! That skirt is simply gorgeous..

  2. It's really cool to put a face to this blog! And you are as gorgeous as I thought you would be, so keep it up!

  3. I love that shirt, it's really cute!!

    You know I've never heard of the apple store but recently I have seriously seen it on random people's blogs. Now I want to go!

  4. Yay for outfit.

    and that butterfly shop looks so sweet

  5. What a nice look... and a great shop.

  6. ahhhhh i love paperchase, i turn into a crazy 6 year old in there, just running around grabbing things and stroking paper haha


  7. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !!

    Yeahhh,I do carry alot of things and I love lvoe big bags :)

    Love the pairing of your outfit and I love your top !!

    And I always go so crazy in a mall,wanting to buy everything. heeeee <3 <3

  8. Oh, that looks like such a lovely day in the park! Your outfit is very pretty as well, too bad we can't see the necklace clearly:)

    I love going to shops that are so nicely decorated as Butterfly, they're so girly and sweet:)

  9. The top is actually a drop waist dress. I shall no doubt be wearing the necklace again soon and will get a better photo of it all for you. Thanks for all the lovely comments!


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