Saturday 17 October 2009

Vogueing it up!! And Teatime Jewellery!

I went for my very first proper wedding dress fitting today (twas very exciting!!). The amazing dress maker, Julie Mayers (from Silk in Skewen)has done some awsome sketches for mine and the bridesmaids dress, and found stunning material which is going to be perfect, so I'm very very pleased. But she also had some big exciting news for us!! Drumroll please... one of her One-of-a-kind bespoke evening dresses was spotted in cardiff by someone who works for Vogue!! And they asked if Julie wanted to have an ad piece in the December issue!! Yay! So my dress maker will have been in Vogue, hehe!! Excitment (again!) So after getting all that off her chest she finally got around to measurement taking. Although I still hope to shed a few more pounds by the wedding, she is boning and corseting all the tops to make us all look super slim and sexy. Here is the Pixie dress!! Worn by its rightful owner.

So here is todays outfit! (Not quite as exciting as the Pixie dress!! Sorry)

Red Dress: TKMaxx
White ruffle blouse: H&M
Leggings and Bangles: Primark
Red bead necklace, 2 Gold Chains: All Vintage!
Wrap-around Waist Belt: Matalan (came with another dress)
Worn with black pumps (borrowed from my mother)

Finally my Teatime Jewellery.
I don't think I have mentioned before but I love to make my own jewellery. I use new beads and findings or I upcycling or recycling old ones, the latter being my favourite! So when I was out in Canada this summer I found some rather cute dolls house pieces and decided they would make awsome jewellery. Today I finally got around to putting the piece together and here is the finished outcome.
Pictures aren't great as my camera didn't want to focus properly on them (can't wait till I can afford a nice new digital SLR!!!) Made from metal dolls house teapot and teacups, plus some brown 'teadrops'. I love the outcome and it looks so cute on!! Shall be looking for some more dolls house pieces I think.
Thats all for tonight
Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Great blog - I'd love to see your face in these pictures too since I'm sure you're very beautiful! Wedding dress fittings must be awesome especially when the designer has been in Vogue! Wow!

  2. i like to make my own necklaces too - or atleast mush a load of highstreet ones together, so much cuter! Nice choice of teapot



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